Sometime in 2006 I started looking for another dog that I could train to be a therapy dog, as my golden retriever had passed away recently. He and I were one the first 6 teams to participate in the T.A.I.L.S program at Children’s Hospital in Animal Assisted Therapy. I missed him terribly and I truly wanted to do AAT again.

 I had been volunteering at the Conway Animal Welfare Unit for a year or so on Saturdays when I came across Angelina: she was an adorable black terrier mix who was able to jump from the floor of her kennel to the top of the ledge, making sure she would be noticed!

She was full of milk, as she had recently had some puppies, however, they were nowhere to be found when she was abandoned on Mitchell Street. She was very friendly and lovable, I could not resist!

I put in an application and soon after, I was able to take her home. She never became a therapy dog due to her personality, but Angelina (now Gracie) not having the personality or disposition for a therapy dog truly did not matter at this point; she was now a permanent part of our family. As the years have passed, she now has some arthritis, but she’s still as feisty as ever! She has brought our family so much joy!

Gabby also came from The Conway Animal Welfare Unit; her alias is Peaches. Gabby was found abandoned in Cresthaven Subdivision. She had a cherry eye and a hernia; she was in bad shape. 

If memory serves me, The Friends of the Conway Animal Shelter group paid to have her cherry eye and hernia repaired. Thank goodness for this group! This is just one of the many instances with animals that the city of Conway does not appropriate funds for, so FOCAS, as it is called, takes care of those issues for injured animals so that they can be adopted to loving homes. FOCAS also pays for many other things that the shelter needs such as ceiling fans, industrial cooling fans, awnings for the outside kennels and much, much more.

I adopted Gabby from the shelter in 2007, she also has brought us many joyful moments as part of our family. Gabby is a Cairn terrier and Jack Russell mix, so you can imagine who runs the show around our house!

If you have not visited our highly regarded Conway Animal Welfare Unit, please stop by soon and visit! Make sure you check out all the wonderful animals available for adoption. Also, please visit with the caring and dedicated staff. I can guarantee you that you will find the love of your life there, whether it be a cat or a dog. These animals need your love and a place to call home for the rest of their lives. Remember, when you adopt a dog or a cat it is a commitment for life. You won’t regret it!