From Conway Police Department reports

Couple arrested after attempting to buy supplies with fake checks

A Conway couple was arrested last week after allegedly attempting to buy items from Ed's Supply using stolen checks.

According to an incident report, the store manager called police Wednesday after a man matching the description of a suspect who purchased items with a fake check from a similar Conway store earlier this year walked into his store asking to place a bid on $800 worth of merchandise.

Authorities previously received reports from other area businesses of a man purchasing items using fraudulent checks.

Kevin Bonds, manager at Ed's Supply, told police "that several months ago, another supply owner sent him a photo of a male that came into his shop and used a fake check from 'A-State Contractors' to purchase high priced tool sets," according to the report.

On Wednesday, the man matching the description of the suspect reportedly went to Ed's Supply "and got a bid for close to $800 in tools."

Bonds immediately contacted the police department, according to the report, and was asked to alert authorities when the suspect, Adam Stewart, returned.

On Thursday, the man returned to Ed's Supply on Exchange Avenue and attempted to pass an A-State Contractors check for the order he'd placed a bid on., according to the report. Bond contacted police and the responding officer soon pulled up to the supply store and noticed the suspect vehicle also had a woman sitting in the driver's seat.

According to the report, while the officer recognized Stewart, the suspect initially lied about his identity. After admitting he was Adam Stewart, the 30-year-old suspect was cuffed and arrested regarding several other outstanding warrants he had. When searching Stewart, police reportedly found marijuana, meth and cocaine.

Authorities also questioned the woman outside of Ed's Supply who was driving the suspect vehicle.

The woman, identified as 30-year-old Jamie Cupit, admitted to knowing what Stewart was doing and that he had illegal narcotics on him. She was also arrested for her alleged participation in the incident.

Both suspects face forgery and drug charges following the incident, according to the report.

Disturbance call leads to meth arrest

A Romance resident was arrested Thursday afternoon after police reportedly found she had meth rolled up in a piece of paper.

According to an incident report, authorities were called out to an area near Ash and Scott streets regarding a possible domestic disturbance.

The responding officer soon learned the 41-year-old suspect who was parked in the middle of the street had just left his mother's house and had an upset stomach. While speaking with the 41-year-old on scene, the responding officer noticed the man's pants were unzipped. The man said he didn't know they were unzipped and that they "must have come undone since his stomach was upset and he felt like he was about to puke."

While speaking with the man, the officer asked to search the man as well as his vehicle. The 41-year-old suspect had a small baggie filled with pills in one of his pockets. However, according to the report, they were a non-controlled substance and meant for treating irritable bowel syndrome.

The officer soon determined there was not a domestic issue but did ask the female passenger if he could search her items as well. While searching the 32-year-old woman's belongings, officer Jonathan Vince reportedly found "a small green piece of paper with suspected methamphetamine rolled inside."

Jennifer Leigh Phillips was ultimately charged on suspicion of possession of a controlled substance and taken to the county jail following the Thursday incident.