From Conway Police Department reports

Medications taken in early morning break-in

A pharmacy along Dave Ward Drive was burglarized over the weekend.

According to an incident report, an unknown suspect threw a rock through a glass door and stole medications before fleeing the scene early Sunday morning.

Authorities were alerted at 2:51 a.m. Sunday that an alarm had sounded off at the Heartland Pharmacy at 2235 Dave Ward Drive.

Once on scene, officers found the front, glass door was broken.

Police searched the building but found no suspects on scene, according to the report.

"There was no one inside," one of the officers noted in his report after clearing the building. "Sitting on the floor inside the building was a large stone, which appeared to have been thrown through the door in order to break the glass and gain entry."

The business manager was called to the scene and verified he "could tell medicine had been taken, but he wasn't sure what exactly was taken."

Woman receives threats over Facebook

After overhearing a man threaten "to put a hit out" on his family, a woman reported receiving threatening messages via Facebook.

According to an incident report, a 34-year-old Conway woman was threatened online after asking a man who was staying at her house to move out.

The woman told police the man was staying with her while he was on parole. However, she asked him to leave after she overhead him say he was going to put a hit out on his sister and his step-father.

The statement made her uncomfortable, she said, so she asked him to leave and contacted the man's mother regarding the threats.

After the 42-year-old Greenbrier man moved out, the woman told authorities she soon began receiving threats from a woman via Facebook Messenger.

"[The first] message stated that if another person contacted [the Greenbrier man] about what [the complainant] had said, that she would would come to Conway and unleash a hell that she wouldn't forget," the report states.

Other messages threatened to "bring every single person that she [the complainant] knows."

The woman also showed police a message she received that read: "U speak lies. Lies which u can and will pay for in blood. Try me bitch."

As she spoke to police, the Conway woman said she felt "very threatened" by the messages she'd received.

Conway man charged with public intox

A Conway man was arrested on suspicion of public intoxication late Sunday night after allegedly sitting in the roadway.

Authorities were called out to the 1100 block of Front Street regarding a welfare check after a man was seen sitting on the side of the street with his feet in the road, according to an incident report.

When officers arrived on scene, the suspect was soon identified as 60-year-old Joe Stewart.

The responding officer noted in her report that she immediately suspected the 60-year-old was intoxicated.

"Stewart had bloodshot eyes, slurred speech and could not stand on his own," officer Lois S. Spencer wrote in her report. "He had a strong odor of intoxicants coming from his person. Stewart could not walk on his own, there was no one in the area to take care of him, so he was placed under arrest for public intoxication."

Authorities also noted Stewart "kept trying to walk out into the road when [officers] would release his arms."

Stewart was treated at Baptist Health Medical Center after he was initially "refused" by jail staff before being taken back over to the county jail.