While investigating a fraud case reported by a Conway woman in mid-August, authorities later found it appeared the victim's husband had been channeling funds from the couple's joint bank account and lying to his wife about it.

Online records show that 29-year-old Samuel Todd Welborn now faces eight felony counts of second-degree forgery and one misdemeanor count of filing a false police report following the investigation.

Authorities initially received a fraud complaint from the man's wife on Aug. 16. As she spoke with police, the woman told the responding officer that an unknown suspect had been channeling money from her bank account for months, according to the probable cause affidavit filed against Welborn.

The woman reportedly told police she'd asked her husband about the missing money but that he denied knowing where the money had gone.

"She said that it is a joint account with her husband but he does not know who is taking the money out of the account either," officer Katie Riegel wrote in her report after speaking with the man's wife on Aug. 16. "Haley said that it has happened mainly in the Conway area but a few times out of town and large amounts of cash each time, sometimes twice or more a day. She stated that within the last few months, around $17,079.13 has been taken. She went to the bank but they will not let her see video of who is taking money each time."

A detective was soon assigned to the case and received monthly statements dated back to January in which Samuel's wife claimed money was fraudulently taken from the couple's bank account. The woman also noted several "suspicious deposits" into the account from her retirement account.

The woman told police her husband would know the login information to her retirement account because he had helped her set up an online account to review her retirement funds. However, "she was not accusing him of making the withdrawals," according to a report.

While reviewing ATM surveillance footage from multiple banks authorities identified Samuel as the man who was withdrawing funds from the couple's account and who reportedly withdrew funds from his wife's retirement account eight times, singing checks using Haley's name before depositing the money into the couple's account.

On Aug. 17, the 29-year-old Conway man reportedly went to the Conway Police Department and said he'd lost his debit card about three months prior and "thought he had canceled it and was [recently] advised by the bank it is still active and has been used."

According to the affidavit, detective Jimmy Weser learned during the investigation that Samuel's card was never reported lost or stolen to the bank.

Online records show felony charges were filed Wednesday afternoon against Samuel in Faulkner County Circuit Court.