In less 48 hours, tickets to comedian John Mulaney’s show at the University of Central Arkansas for Nov. 1 were completely sold out.

Tickets for the event, hosted by UCA’s Student Activities Board, went on sale for students only Oct. 1 and were supposed to be available to the general public by Oct. 3 for $25, but sold out by the afternoon of Oct. 2

People were commenting on the event’s Facebook Page event by the end of September, looking forward to the appearance, but after all 1,173 tickets were sold out, users jumped back onto the social media platform, some calling the situation, “outrageous,” and “disappointing,” while others sought to buy tickets from anyone offering.

“Looking to purchase 2 tickets,” one user wrote. “I’ll do anything.”

Another user wrote, “yet another poor sucker who needs tickets. gonna start compulsively checking this page.”

SAB Director Kendra Regehr told the Log Cabin Democrat that she has also received some negative responses.

“My reply is always that the students will always come first,” she said. “They pay the [student activity fee] so they should get first shot at tickets.”

In total, the cost to bring Mulaney to UCA was $125,000.

On Oct. 3 at 9:05 a.m., the UCA Student Activities Board took to the event page, warning about potential scams.

“The deal with the scam was that there was someone [who] was saying they had tickets but were not able to use them,” Regehr said. “If people [were] willing to send a $50 [Amazon] gift card, they could get the tickets.”

She said they shut that down immediately after they found out.

Regehr said while they’ve had other acts that have sold out in a couple days, this particular one may have been the quickest.

The event will start at 8 p.m. Nov. 1 at Reynolds Performance Hall on campus.