The Conway Firefighters Combat Challenge Team boosted its performance from last year's championship round, bringing home the Top 4 finisher's title.

Four Conway firefighters traveled to Branson, Missouri, to compete in the Scott Safety Firefighter Combat Challenge National Champtionships over the weekend and finished fourth overall.

Bragging a national Top 4 fisher's title, the Conway team also say individual 12th, 39th and 59th-place finishes.

Of those who traveled to Branson included Ty Ledbetter, Jay Mattox, Kenny Hartness and Ryan Wolff.

Ledbetter said the competition encourages firefighters to continue improving their skills and allows them to push harder.

The weekend's results prove training goes a long way, as they bumped up from a fifth-place finish.

"The challenge keeps us motivated to train throughout the year," he said. "When it's cold outside or maybe we just don't feel like going to the gym, we have that motivation to keep going. It also motivates the guys not on the team to come and get a workout in; to better themselves for the community."

A career firefighter better serves the community when physically fit, he said, adding the challenge keeps those on the team motivated to also inspire physical fitness among other Conway firefighters.

"Our job requires us to be in shape," Ledbetter said. "The citizens of Conway expect and deserve for us to be in great physical condition in case we are called to help them."

Among the accolades the Conway team earned over the weekend included two teams who placed in the Top 15 in the tandem races.

Ledbetter said Conway's team proved local firefighters are dedicated to work hard and continue improving.

"It was a big weekend for Conway considering most of these teams are department funded and have more resources than us since we rely strictly on community support," he said. "We are really hoping to show the importance of physical fitness in the fire service and give the public a taste of the physical requirements of our job."