From Conway Police Department reports

Kayak stolen from Conway man's vehicle

A Conway man's Kayak was reportedly stolen off his vehicle while he was at work earlier this week.

According to an incident report, the 31-year-old complainant contacted authorities around 11:15 a.m. Tuesday to report the theft.

The man told police his Kayak was tied to the top of his 2003 white Mercury Mountaineer, which was parked behind Zaza's restaurant.

At some point, an unknown suspect stole the red, yellow and orange-colored Kayak he had tied to his vehicle while he was working.

"The Kayak was the only item taken," according to his statement.

Woman smashes ex-girlfriend's vehicle following breakup

A 34-year-old woman was arrested Wednesday afternoon after reportedly ramming her vehicle into her ex-girlfriend's car and smashing the other woman's vehicle.

Police were called out to a residence on South Ash Street shortly after 4 p.m. after receiving multiple reports of a woman in a 2000 black Oldsmobile Alero who was ramming her vehicle into the back of a 2015 blue Nissan Sentra, according to an incident report.

Officers immediately noticed the damaged vehicles in front of the residence as the pulled up to the scene. As they walked up to the vehicles, one of the women involved turned around and put her hands behind her back before speaking with authorities.

"Upon arrival, I observed a blue Nissan pushed into the front of the residence," one of the responding officers wrote in his report. "Directly behind it was a black Oldsmobile that was smashed into the back of it. Standing next to the vehicles was a black female (identified as Chekara Andrews). Andrews immediately put her hands behind her back indicating that she was responsible for it and stated 'Yup, I did it, I'm tired of her shit.'"

The other woman "indicated she was in a massive amount of pain and was highly distraught."

According to the report, Andrews was at the apartment waiting for her girlfriend so they could talk. However, tensions heated during their discussion and "she hit her breaking point" before getting into her vehicle and smashing into her now ex-girlfriend's vehicle.

"She stated that they have been together for a long time and they were in the process of ending their relationship," the incident report reads in part. "She stated that when [her 38-year-old girlfriend] arrived home, they began talking. She stated that [the victim] said she was done and she was going to leave ... [and that] when [the victim] got into the vehicle to leave, she got into her vehicle and got directly behind [her]. She stated at that point she reached her breaking point and put her car in drive and floored the gas pedal."

Andrews told police she rammed her vehicle into her ex-girlfriend's Nissan three times during the incident before getting out of her Oldsmobile and waiting on authorities.

When the victim was questioned about how many times her ex crashed into her car, she told police she was unsure of an exact number but that her car was rammed into "so, so many" times.

After speaking with police, the 38-year-old woman was treated by paramedics on scene for injuries sustained in the incident.

Records show Andrews faces second-degree batter and criminal mischief charges following the afternoon incident. She was arrested on scene and taken to the county jail Wednesday.