Tara Ward announced she will seek the Ward 4, Position 2 seat on the Conway City Council.

“I’m running for City Council because I've heard people my age lament that their elected officials don't look like them,” Ward said. “As much as we have learned from and owe those public servants who have come before us, I am hoping that my candidacy will spark interest in younger voters who may feel that they haven't had a voice.

“As a millennial, I want to see more people who look like me be involved in the political process.”

She said mothers can relate to her. 

“As a mother, I want to be the voice for fellow moms in Conway by helping make our city the best place to raise our children,” Ward said.

She said she understands the importance of education and that students feel represented.

“As a student, I want students at UCA, Hendrix, and Central Baptist to know that a fellow student, who can relate to their daily grind, is speaking on their behalf through City Council.”

Ward said she wants to see the city grow.

“As a resident of Conway, I want to work to move our city 4Ward."