Joyce McGinty Johnson has announced that she is seeking re-election to the Greenbrier City Council, Ward 1 Position 2, a seat she has held for two years.

"As a lifelong resident of Greenbrier, I have seen many changes in our community," she said. "While we are a progressive town, my goal will be to preserve our 'small town with a big heart' reputation.

"With Mrs. Mary Ann Freeman’s retirement, if re-elected I will be the only female voice on the Council."

Johnson said she wanted to thank Freeman "for her years of dedication to the city, and hope that I can bring the same perspective she has shown."

"Her words of wisdom to me were  'no agenda, no promises, and vote your conscience.' I have done that and will continue to do so."

Johnson said the city of Greenbrier had provided her family "the opportunity to live in a safe, compassionate, and modern community, and with this in mind, my goal is to help provide the same atmosphere for other families."