Michael Wendel announced his candidacy for Justice of the Peace for District 13 in Faulkner County.

“As a lifelong resident of Conway and Faulkner County, I know what an amazing community we get to call home. I also know the issues we face as we move our community forward,” he said.

Wendel graduated from UCA with his Bachelor’s in Business, and has been a Corporate Recruiter for the last seven years.

“The biggest benefit of being a recruiter, is that I have firsthand knowledge of what it takes to attract top quality talent and businesses to our state and community," he said. "I think our county has a lot going for it in terms of living and business costs. I think we can do more to attract the people and businesses that will help our county continue to grow.”

Wendel also spoke on the lack of transparency in county government and the need for accountable representatives.

“We need to make sure our county government is transparent and we maintain our county budget in a fiscally responsible manner,” Wendel said. “We need representatives that are open and honest with the people they serve, and aren’t beholden to special interests or party politics.”

Michael, and his wife Jessica, volunteer for Team RWB that works to enrich Veterans lives by helping them engage with their communities.

“I know the hard work it takes to succeed, and I am ready to work for the people of Faulkner County,” Wendel said. “That’s why I’m running for Justice of the Peace in District 13, because we have work to do.

"I promise to be a voice for our community as we tackle the pressing issues and work to bring transparency to the Quorum Court. It would be a privilege to serve the great people of the 13th district, and I hope to earn your vote this November.”