Salt Counseling and Consultation, Inc (SALT) will be featured on My Country Y107’s morning ride on Tuesday mornings to discuss holiday survival. SALT’s collaboration with the local radio station began the first week of October during Domestic Violence Awareness Month and offered a medium for listeners to call in with questions pertaining to abuse and violence in relationships. The weekly segment will now turn its focus on helping listeners identify common stress points that become evident during the holiday season and possible ways to overcome those stressors. The segment will also continue to provide listeners the opportunity to email questions they may have, with the ability to remain anonymous.

SALT’s co-founders and therapists, Kim Johnson and Marissa Wells, hope to discuss issues that are most common to a majority of families today. Situations such as coordinating schedules, blended families, healthy boundaries, expectations in gift-giving, seasonal depression, importance of traditions and experiencing holidays after losing a loved one are all high stress triggers during the next few months. Marissa Wells empathizes, “have you felt like even after all the holiday parties there’s a sense of loneliness? Or have you ever felt that sense of relief AFTER leaving that holiday party after being with family? Well we hope to address those emotions and discuss ways to help people have some peace surrounding the holiday season.”

Y107 listeners can submit questions or comments to the counselors of SALT via the radio station website at Kim Johnson explains, “the goal of the online form is to give anyone who may be listening a chance to reach out about something that they may not feel comfortable doing so face to face. Sometimes we have poor support systems or we have too much fear about opening up in general. This allows the listener to stay anonymous if they want.” SALT encourages listeners to tune in to Y107.1 each Tuesday morning around 7:50am to hear each weeks featured segment. SALT’s website is also a valuable resource for those needing counseling services and can be found at in order to learn more about the importance of restoring balance, healing from within, and preserving relationships.