A Bigelow man was jailed on indecent exposure charges after reportedly pleasuring himself in front of families at a local Walmart over the weekend.

Records show Dustin Gene Crocker, 31, of Bigelow was arrested on two misdemeanor charges -- indecent exposure and possession of a controlled substance -- Sunday evening. Shortly after he bonded out of the county jail, he was picked up again for reportedly violating the conditions of his probation regarding a previous indecent exposure conviction.

Officer Brad Hartwick was called to the Walmart on Skyline Drive just after 6:30 p.m. Sunday regarding  a man wearing a brown jacket "with his genitals out near the jewelry department."

"As I located [Crocker], I noticed that he was standing near a woman with two small children that were crying less than [10] feet away," Hartwick wrote in his report.

Crocker reportedly had his hands near the zipper on his pants when Hartwick yelled out, confronting him.

"I yelled at him and he turned and walked away while zipping his pants," Hartwick said. "He tried to round the corner isle and walk away when I grabbed him by the hood of his coat and spun him around."

According to the incident report filed against Crocker, he initially refused to give police his identifying information. However, he eventually complied. After authorities reviewed video footage that "clearly showed Crocker masturbating near women and children in the men's department and jewelry department," he was charged with indecent exposure and handcuffed. Because the 31-year-old Bigelow man reportedly had marijuana in his coat pocket, he was also charged with possession of a controlled substance.

Crocker was arrested earlier this year for masturbating in his vehicle in the Walmart parking lot.

According to previous records, Crocker denied masturbating in a public location, stating “that he was in private property,” referring to the car he was sitting in on Jan. 22.

Crocker had claimed he was not masturbating, but instead was shaving.

Officers found two bottles of massage oils in the vehicle but did not find “any type of shaving device.”

A district judge ultimately found Crocker was guilty of incident exposure in June following the January incident and ordered Crocker serve 30 days of community service and undergo a psycho sexual evaluation. He was also placed on probation for one year.

Crocker is scheduled to appear in Faulkner County District Court at 8:30 a.m. Dec. 3 regarding his most recent indecent exposure arrest for a plea and arraignment hearing.