From Conway Police Department reports

Man asking for phone charger jailed on public intox charge

A 41-year-old man was arrested on a public intox charge Saturday afternoon after reportedly going door-to-door asking local residents to use their phone charges.

Lonnie Womack of Conway faces two misdemeanor charges -- public intoxication and possession of a controlled substance -- after authorities were alerted of a suspicious man walking along Cedar Hill road and through the Ozark General Store along Highway 65, according to an incident report.

Individuals in the area "advised there was a male in the area that was looking into people's homes and knocking on the door asking for a phone charger," the report states.

Officer Jeremy H. Perkins checked with Ozark General Store staff after unsuccessfully searching for the suspect along Cedar Hill Road and Rolling Hills Drive and learned the suspicious man had just left the store and was headed toward the North Hills subdivision. A gas station clerk reportedly told Perkins that Womack was acting strange while at the store and believed he was intoxicated.

"The gas station clerk advised that the male was also in the store asking for a phone charger," Perkins noted in his report. "She stated that the male seemed drunk and out of it. She said that she felt uncomfortable with him in the store because he was acting weird. She said that when he left, he went walking up Hwy 65 towards the main part of the city."

Perkins soon located the 41-year-old suspect near the intersection of Range and Plateau drives in the North Hills subdivision.

Womack was reportedly walking around with an alcoholic beverage in a Styrofoam cup because his "old lady" kicked him out of her car and "he was just walking trying to find a way to call a friend."

According to the report, after the suspect agreed to allowing Perkins to search him, authorities found he had a small bag of suspected marijuana in one of his pockets.

Following the incident, he was ultimately charged with public intox and possession of a controlled substance and taken to the county jail.

Woman files complaint against son

A woman reported her son had vandalized her home on Saturday but was reportedly unable to give officers any details about her son, such as his age.

According to an incident report, the 60-year-old Third Avenue resident called the police department shortly after 9:15 p.m. Saturday stating her son broke a window in her home. The woman also accused her son of breaking two cell phones.

The woman reportedly told authorities she and hers on began arguing when she told her son she needed her vehicle back, and he "became upset and damaged her property."

Officer Michael V. Johnson asked the woman for a description of her son. However, according to the report, she "was unable to give me her son's birthday or any other identifying information about him."

Johnson provided the complainant with a number associated with the incident report and took photos of the damage to log as evidence before leaving the area Saturday evening.

Dine and dash reported late Saturday

A 25-year-old man is accused of dining and dashing at Old Chicago Pizza & Taproom over the weekend.

Raul Diaz-Barriga, the restaurant manager, called police shortly before midnight Saturday after 25-year-old Ryan Scott reportedly left the restaurant along Main Street without paying for his meal, according to an incident report.

"Raul advised a Ryan Scott came into the restaurant, made a scene, and left without paying for his food," officer Lois S. Spencer wrote in her report.

According to the report, the suspect's unpaid total was $13.54.