Students across the nation, including Springhill Elementary in Greenbrier, celebrated Red Ribbon Week Oct. 30 through Nov. 2.

The school encouraged kids to show off their “drug free spirit,” by adding themes to each days including wearing tie dye or hippy attire for Thursday's “Say Peace to Drugs” and mismatched clothing for Tuesday’s “Don’t Let Drugs Mix You Up” dress-up day.

Even more of an incentive was the rewards that were given to selected students each day that showed more spirit than others.

“It was a fun-filled week,” a school official said.

Springhill counselor Angie Benton said one thing they focused on was how, when and why the week was established as well as learning what kinds of things were safe and what weren’t, what medicine is OK to use and what is not, the dangers of drug use and the topic of opiate addiction.

“Red Ribbon Week is important for Springhill and many other schools so that our students are aware of drugs and their power,” she said. “As they continue to grow and get bigger, it’s important to teach them from a young age all the issues surrounding use of drugs and abuse of them.”

Benton said the themed days are ways to encourage the students to learn.