Carol Crews has served on the 20th Judicial District's team for more than seven years, and come January, she will serve as the first woman to fill the elected prosecutor's position.

In her many years serving Faulkner, Van Buren and Searcy counties, she has been a deputy prosecutor, senior trial attorney and, most recently, chief deputy prosecutor.

Following the Nov. 6 general election, she was elected as the next 20th Judicial District prosecutor.

It was a historical moment when voters of Faulkner, Van Buren and Searcy counties elected her to serve in this role earlier this week. She will be the area's first woman to serve as the 20th Judicial District elected prosecutor.

To serve the community through this justice-seeking role and position is nothing short of an honor, Crews told the Log Cabin Democrat.

"I am grateful and very humbled that the people of this district have entrusted me with such an important responsibility," she said. "I am truly honored to be the first woman to hold this position in this district. I ran on my proven track record of prosecuting tough cases and holding criminals accountable in court and look forward to continuing to stand up for crime victims as the elected prosecutor."

Crews began her career in Pulaski County, but has found her home serving the 20th Judicial District.

When Crews graduated from the University of Arkansas at Little Rock's Bowen School of Law, she began working as a deputy prosecutor at the Pulaski County Prosecuting Attorney's Office.

Those who have worked alongside her have said she trial skills are like no other.

"She is one of the finest trial attorneys with whom I have had the pleasure of trying a case," former 20th Judicial District Chief Deputy Prosecutor Hugh Finkelstein previously told the Log Cabin when Crews took over as chief deputy last year.

Crews has said before that her most memorable cases include standing up for child victims.

With the future in mind, she said she will continue seeking justice in cases involving crimes against child, as well as violent and other repeat offenders.

"As prosecutor, I will aggressively prosecute violent crime, repeat offenders and crimes against children, while continuing to partner with our district's specialty courts to help those first-time offenders who truly want a second chance. The prosecutor's job is to stand up for victims and be the voice for those who cannot defend themselves."

With an experienced team at her side, the newly-elected prosecutor said she plans to continue standing up for the community she serves to the best of her abilities.

"The 20th Judicial District Prosecuting Attorney's Office has the best staff in Arkansas. I am looking forward to leading this fantastic team of dedicated professionals who work tirelessly every day to do the right thing and seek justice," Crews told the Log Cabin. "I am grateful that the people of this district chose me to serve and I am looking forward to serving this community. I have been a deputy prosecutor for my entire career and am passionate about fighting for victims in court."

Luke Ferguson, who was appointed by Gov. Asa Hutchinson in October 2017 to fill the open prosecutor's position when Cody Hiland was appointed as a U.S. attorney, said he is confident Crews "is absolutely the right person for this position."

Because of his appointment, he was unable to run for the prosecutor's seat in the 2018 elections.

After working alongside Crews through the years, he has seen her skills at work, especially over the past four years.

"I've known Carol for the past seven years and have had the opportunity to work with her for almost four of those. She is a talented and experienced prosecutor. But even more than that, she understands the gravity of what she does on a daily basis," Ferguson said. "She truly appreciates the impact, either good or bad, that prosecutors can have on our community. And, she is committed to making a positive impact that's defined by justice and fairness. I know the 20th Judicial District will benefit from Carol's leadership as long as she's in office."

Carol's husband Jordan worked in the 20th Judicial District Prosecuting Attorney's Office before heading up to Little Rock to serve in the U.S. Eastern District of Arkansas' Office. The two are parents to 3-year-old Jackson, and the family is glad to see their campaign efforts paid off.

While she is known as a wife, mother and prosecutor, Carol also has a reputation for her famous homemade treats. Those who work with her often look forward to her baked goods as she helps celebrate birthdays around the office.

Crews said that as she continues working to make a difference and seek local justice, she will not forget her colleagues when their birthdays roll around and will continue making their favorite desserts as she always has.

"My husband and my son are happy the campaign is over and are looking forward to my homemade cinnamon rolls at Christmas ... and I believe my staff is glad that I'll be baking my famous carrot cake and chocolate chip cookies for the next office birthday," she said.