Mayflower School District is hosting a public meeting regarding a potential extension to the current 40.5 millage rate.

The information meeting starts at 6 p.m. Monday at the Mayflower Senior Citizen Center.

Superintendent John Gray said the request is for an upgrade to the district’s athletic facilities.

If approved by the community, the extension will allow them to borrow nearly $6 million which, broken down, will look like $1,500,000 for a new track and synthetic turf, $3,500,000 for a new field house and bleachers and $500,000 for parking.

Gray said this upgrade is something they’ve been wanting to do for many years but the main focus in the last 10-15 years has been bettering the district’s academic facilities.

He said now that stage has been completed it’s time to address the “substandard,” athletic amenities.

All work, Gray said, is to better the district and he thinks this new proposal will really make a big difference to both the students — it includes new locker rooms and other additions used during the school day — and the community — also consists of new public bathrooms and other beneficial areas.

“I think it will help attract people to our community and help build our community,” he said.

Gray said so far he’s received a lot of positive feedback from people thus far, he thinks, because of the realization that so much has been done for the academic side and this request is the “next part to improve the school district.”

He said some of the older students have expressed disappointment because the district didn’t do this earlier, but the younger ones are excited they’ll have the opportunity to use it.

Gray said from what he’s seen of the preliminary drawings, the proposal looks “very impressive.”

The meeting Monday, he said, will give the district the chance to discuss what they’re up to, what concepts they’re talking about and give them a chance to weigh in.

“We’re going to ask the public to go and vote on it Feb. 12,” Gray said. “The millage isn’t going to go up, we’re just extending it.”

If passed, the district will move forward, talking with their financial advisor Stephens, Inc., — who have said Mayflower should have the finances available by April — working with Jackson Brown Palculict Architects, submit the plans to the state and the city and hopefully by next summer, Gray said, start construction on the plan.

The Log Cabin Democrat asked Gray what the district’s Plan B was if the community voted no.

“We’ll respect the public’s opinion and work on the best we can and try to do with the best we’ve got,” he said.

Gray said he did hope that the request was passed, though, and reiterated that what they’re doing is to help continue the success of the district.

“That’s the next step to do that,” he said.