Conway police continue gathering evidence following a high-speed chase that ended on Earl Drive last month and are now working to get cell tower records that could aid in the investigation.

Officer Deon Clay attempted to pull over a a vehicle for speeding along Dave Ward Drive around 10 p.m. Oct. 18 when the suspect vehicle reportedly refused to pull over and turned onto Benton Sevier Street and proceeded to lead police on a high-speed pursuit, according to a search warrant affidavit.

The driver soon turned southbound onto Highway 365 and fled police at speeds "in excess of 100 mph."

"At one point, the driver applied the brakes aggressively in an attempt to cause Officer Clay's vehicle to strike his," the affidavit reads in part. "The driver turned into a residential area (Charles Street) and continued to evade Officer Clay."

After turning onto Earl Drive, the suspect, later identified as 39-year-old Harold E. Strouse III, crashed into a mailbox before driving through a ditch. While spinning and speeding through the grassy ditch area, Strouse reportedly began speeding toward officer Colin Bierle, who was outside of his unit and ordering Strouse to stop.

"The suspect vehicle was traveling west and accelerating quickly. Officer Bierle gave commands to stop the vehicle, which the driver refused," the affidavit states. "Officer Clay advised the suspect vehicle attempted to swerve toward Officer Bierle, at which time Officer Bierle drew his duty weapon and fired four rounds at the driver's side of the vehicle. Officer Clay briefly stopped and checked on Officer Bierle then continued the pursuit."

Online records show Strause eventually crashed into a fence on Black Road before fleeing the scene on foot.

When searching the vehicle Strause left behind, officers did not find any traces of blood, according to reports.

Detective Jimmy Weser, who was called to the scene following the chase, said he examined the vehicle and "did not observe any apparent blood" in the vehicle. He did say he immediately noticed four bullet holes in the driver's front door, which was left open. Weser also noted in his report that the driver's side door panel was missing and that there was a small, tobacco "snuff" pouch found in the floorboard that "appeared to be wet as being recently inside someone's mouth."

While the 39-year-old suspect initially fled the crime scene, he later turned himself over to the U.S. Marshals, Conway Police Department spokesman LaTresha Woodruff previously said.

After getting a judge to OK a search warrant on the vehicle, authorities have since requested a judge to allow them to seek cell tower records after finding a black Android Alcatel cell phone in the driver's seat of the suspect vehicle.

Weser said authorities were asking for cell tower records to help "show the route the vehicle took as it fled from officers based on its historical tower locations during the date of the incident."

While the 39-year-old has not yet been formally charged regarding this incident, he is currently behind bars on suspicion of aggravated assault, fleeing, speeding and driving on a suspended license.

Woodruff told the Log Cabin on Friday that a case file has been sent over to the prosecutor's office for review.