Felony charges have been filed against a Conway woman after she reportedly drug her 2-year-old child by the leg and fractured the child's leg.

Amber Diane Westbrook, 30, was formally charged earlier this week with one count of second-degree domestic batter following an incident last month where she reportedly fractured her 2-year-old daughter's leg, according to a probable cause affidavit filed Thursday against the Conway woman.

Records show the woman, who lives with her father, was cleaning her room when she took over watching her daughter for her father. The woman's father told police Westbrook lives with him "due to her mental state" and that the two take four-hour shifts watching the 2-year-old girl.

After watching the young girl as her mother cleaned a mess in her room, the suspect's father said Westbrook walked up to get the 2-year-old with an armload of cleaning supplies and then began dragging the girl by one of her legs down the hallway.

The girl was later taken to a hospital when Westbrook and her father noticed the 2-year-old favored just one of her legs.

When questioned by police, Westbrook said "she never meant to harm" he daughter and that she "didn't think holding her leg would break it."

As she described what led up to her daughter's injuries, the woman said she was went to get her daughter from the girl's grandfather but that one of her arms was "full with cleaning supplies" and that her daughter was being "very fussy and did not want to be picked up."

"Amber said she was afraid to pick up [her daughter] because she is known to claw and slap her in the face. She said she was afraid if she did pick her up with only one available arm, it may make things worse," the affidavit reads in part. "Amber said she elected to grab [her daughter] by the ankle and drag her to her room."

While dragging the young girl, Westbrook said her daughter was laying on her back and then "bucked" over, "which caused her to flip over to her stomach. Amber said she never let go of her [daughter's] leg" and continued dragging her down the hallway.

Hospital staff said this incident "is consistent with the leg being twisted" and would have caused the fracture the 2-year-old suffered from, according to the affidavit.

"Amber said the entire incident, in her eyes, was an accident," Conway Police Department detective Taylor Worley wrote in her report.