Horseshoe Mountain News
By Gale Garrison

Church News:

Dr. Martin Jameson's message Sunday morning at Bethlehem Baptist Church Sunday morning was entitled The Way Jesus Died. Robbie Farris sang the special music entitled Watch The Lamb. Charlie Wagner was our speaker Sunday night.

Community News:

Gale Garrison and Joyce Talley of Vilonia attended the University of Central Arkansas Half-Century Club Brunch and Induction Ceremony Saturday morning at McCastlain Hall. Joyce was inducted into the Half- Century Club at UCA as a 1968 graduate.

Dennis Terry of Scranton and Claude Terry of Pea Ridge spent Saturday night with Jerry and Carolyn Terry. Robert Hankins of England spent time with the family Saturday.

Barbara Stanton returned home recently after attending a high school reunion and a visit with her brother and sister in law in Amarillo, Texas.

Word was received here of the death of Loweta Turney of Conway on Wednesday. Loweta was a daughter of Rev. Roy Ward, a former pastor at Bethlehem Baptist Church and a sister of Bill Ward, who was music director here for several years. O. D. Burchfield of Pleasant Valley passed away Friday.

Guy News
By Brenda Dowdy

Good morning! I hope everyone is having a good morning. If you're wondering why you haven’t received the paper this past week, they started a new computer system and it evidently doesn’t work right. Monday when I called they were having a meeting at 9 am with the corporate office. Technology doesn’t always work at first. I am sure we will get our papers. Please be patient ! Which is not one of my best qualities.

Our Hearts and sympathy go out to the family of Beth Hartwick. She passed away last week after a long long battle with illness. Jerry lost the love of his life and their children and grands lost a wonderful mother and grandparent!

Please keep the following in your prayers: Clark and Linda Stevenson, Albert Woods, Darrell and Bessie Bearden, Theoda and Myra Griffith, Marcelle Fielder, Ed Stephens, Aimie Glover and Jeanie Glover. I know there are many more in our community that are sick or been in the hospital if you would like to add them to our prayer list let me know.

The Guy Fall Festival made over $10,000.00 this year. All proceeds go to helping Guy Perkins students and staff! We have a wonderful school. Thank you to Mandy Bartlett and her side kicks for doing a wonderful job every year. Each student gets free supplies and teachers get things for their classrooms!

Send me news of what you're doing, who visited you, who is sick, or anything else you would like to share with me. Call me at 501-450-0395. Have a great week and be safe out there!