Darrell & Leslie Amy

Children: Hayley 29; Megan, 27; and Paxson, 14

Hometown: Leslie grew up in Maumelle. Darrell grew up in London, Ontario Canada.  

Occupation: Darrell is a Sales and Marketing Consultant and Amy is a newborn, maternity and child photographer at Leslie Amy Photography in Conway.

What’s something people wouldn’t generally know about you? Darrell became a naturalized citizen in April 2018 and although he holds a political science degree, has never been able to vote in an election until now.

What’s the last music you listened to as a family while driving?

Him: Mosaic MSC

Her: Maybe the Greatest Showman soundtrack


What’s your guilty pleasure?

Him: Words With Friends

Her: The Bachelor reality show


What’s the one thing in your home you want to get rid of but that your spouse won’t allow?

Him: The stash of reclaimed wood in the garage

Her: His giant papasan chair 


Who is your favorite animated character?

Him: Foghorn Leghorn

Her: Well my grandbaby girls are both very animated and dramatic so I’m going to say they are my favorite animated characters :)


What are you most passionate about?

Him: Helping men recover their hearts.

Her: Making (and documenting) great memories in life. 


What is the furthest you’ve been from home and why?

Him: Australia—I have clients there.

Her: Australia in 2014. Amazing vacation!


Do you prefer mountains or the beach?

Him: This is a toss up. 

Her: Both - Costa Rica or Hawaii - you get both!


Who do you most admire?

Him: My late friend and mentor, Mike Bernadsky.

Her: My parents. They just celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary, that’s a pretty awesome accomplishment. They are both incredibly loving and patience people. 


Which is your favorite restaurant in town?

Him: Whichever restaurant Leslie is craving

Her: Oh gosh, I love so many. Short list: Zaza’s, US Pizza, Tazikis, Tacos4Life, David’s, Pasta Grill, On the Border.


Is your family more Elvis or Beatles?

Him: Beatles

Her: I love BOTH for sure.


Who is the better driver?

Him: Me.

Her: Me. He’s a little lead-footed :)


Who is the calmest?

Him: Me.

Her: We are both pretty calm. I guess he’s probably the most calm though. 


What is your family’s favorite hobby?

Both: We love to sail on Lake Maumelle when the weather is nice (sadly, that’s not very often in Arkansas.)  And we LOVE to travel! 


Where do you go to church?

Both: New Life Church 


 What is your favorite memory as a family? (this isn’t really a “family” memory, it was just us two..?)

Both: Our favorite memory right now is our trip to London, Paris and the French Alps this past spring. It was so incredible!