I recently helped one of our co-workers prepare for her wedding and she mentioned that she was really wanting to use her Grandmother’s watch as her ‘something old’. Sadly, the older watch no longer had a watch band and like many older, manual movement watches, it no longer worked. Another brilliant co-worker had the idea to just make it into a bracelet by stringing a strand of seed pearls together to form a band. It turned out beautifully and this young lady now has a wonderful, and more importantly, sentimental piece of jewelry that she wears and enjoys every day!

We’ve since found a designer that specializes in “up-cycling” old watches, coins, lockets or practically any sentimental piece you have, old or new. “Living sustainably” has been a trend in the fashion scene lately and some have adopted it as a way of life. It encourages us not to be the ‘throw-away’ society that we have become but to appreciate older, vintage and even used pieces and to accept that they still have plenty of usefulness and even abundant beauty! 

Every one of us has a treasured piece that we love for it’s sentimental meaning, but many of these pieces are sitting in our jewelry boxes and never get to be enjoyed or shown off. Whether it’s the costume jewelry necklace you wore to your senior prom, a coin you brought back from a wonderful trip, or even an inherited piece that you just didn’t feel was your style, all can be easily transformed into very stylish pieces of jewelry or art for your home. Some of the most beautiful and eye-catching pieces of jewelry that I’ve seen have been pieces that had rich sentimental meaning to the owner and many have undergone some form of transformation that made them the perfect style for that person. I challenge you to go on a little treasure hunt through your jewelry box and see what pieces you might have that can be transformed into a sustainable new, and truly one-of-a-kind, piece of jewelry!