Why is November the month where all things seem to converge? I feel completely overwhelmed, but at the same time appropriately thankful. 

The kiddos are busy and running around like little turkeys, the husband is busy at work, and well, the holiday season at the newspaper/magazine isn’t necessarily a walk in the park. Don’t get me wrong, I am not complaining. November is a time in this business when we get to focus on the best of the community and its people. We cover all kinds of amazing stories of love and thanksgiving, nonprofit and faith organizations in action and overall good will. And Faulkner County is one of the best examples of showcasing the good in people. 

The preparations for the end of the year are sometimes more than we want to face, from schedules to budgeting to planning time off. But somehow, we all get it together, right? Please tell me we all get it together!!

We also have Election Day on Nov. 6, just another awesome way to exercise our right to vote. 

Veterans Day is November 11, and if you have the opportunity any time, don’t forget to thank a veteran for his or her service to this country. 

This month, WINC’s cover story tackles that need to tighten up the household budget, highlighting the sheer skill and determination of a master couponer. I need to take copious notes for sure!

Cindy Beckman took on Nana’s Kitchen, documenting her own mother’s best recipes for the upcoming holidays. Majestic Mama Andrea Champlin got real with the task of hosting large family gatherings and supplied a new take on talking turkey.

We also feature one young man from Mayflower who writes about his adoption story during this National Adoption Month.

A collection of prayers for this Thanksgiving is our WINC faith feature this month, and I find it interesting to know what local residents are thankful for and how they praise God for blessings and hardships. Getting perspective from different people is important to me because it helps me realize my own thankfulness.

This month, I chose a grainy older photo from one of the best Thanksgivings in recent years. Before my Mammaw died, we spent a lot of them at the deer camp. From the hue of the photo, I can tell you the campfire was burning, and from the smiles, I can tell you we were having fun together. My husband and baby girl were huddled from the cold on the tailgate of someone’s pickup truck. There is a grass stain on the knee of her jeans, so she most likely had been running through the back field with her boy cousins. 

I miss those days. But boy, am I thankful for them!

And new memories are in the making all the time, so there’s no time to wax poetic. Love your family, folks. Even when they aren’t perfect, just love ‘em. It goes too fast.

May you all share a table this year with those you love. May you find ways to give back to those in need, and most of all, thank God for his divine plan that includes all these wonderful people in your life.