From Conway Police Department reports

Harassment complaint filed against Conway man

A Conway man was banned from the Yours Truly Consignment store last week after reportedly yelling at employees over a return fee.

According to an incident, employees called police regarding Stephane Ferry's alleged behavior, but did not know his name when they contacted police shortly before 1 p.m. Nov. 23.

One of the employees said a woman came to the store to pick up her return items when employees informed the woman there was a return item fee. After explaining there was a fee, the woman's husband "inserted himself into the conversation in an overly aggressive and loudly disapproving manner," according to the report.

The woman's husband "became louder and his mannerism[s] were so brash that [one of the employees called over to the intake desk] became frightened that he was going to become violent," officer Michael T. Jones wrote in his report after speaking to several employees.

The man, later identified as 46-year-old Stephane G. Ferry, reportedly yelled out that "you don't know who I am" and "you don't know who you're messing with" at employees before leaving the store as employees called police.

As officers attempted to ask the woman by the front counter what her husband's name was, she "became visibly frightened and tearing up."

An employee told officer Jones that the woman had been cooperative the entire time, and that her husband was the only reason they called authorities.

According to the report, it was clear the woman did not want to tell police who her husband was out of fear.

"[The woman] reluctantly complied and immediately tears began streaming down her face [when she identified her husband]," the incident report reads in part. "At a later point during my investigation, Ferry called [his wife] and it [became] clear from the tone of the conversation and what was being said that [the woman] was deathly afraid of Ferry. It became obvious that [the woman] was only reluctant to comply with my requests out of fear of Ferry, not because she had no desire to obey a lawful order."

After filing the harassment complaint against Ferry, authorities also issued a criminal trespass warning against him, ultimately banning him from the store.

Homeless couple removed from lot, one arrested on paraphernalia charge

A homeless woman was arrested last weekend after an officer reportedly found drug paraphernalia in her backpack.

According to an incident report, the property owner of 701 First Avenue contacted police on Nov. 24 asking that all "squatters" be removed and banned from the area.

When officer Sandra M. Keefe arrived on scene, she found 30-year-old Larene Castleberry and 27-year-old Bradley Metzger staying in a tent on the property. Officer Keefe noted in her report that she asked for the couple's IDs so that she could issue criminal trespass warnings when she soon learned both were on probation and had active search waivers on file.

Before searching the tend, Keefe asked if there was anything illegal in the tent. After being asked possible illegal items, Castleberry reportedly said she needed to get her medication out of her backpack.

While getting the woman's medications for her, Keefe reportedly found suspected methamphetamine paraphernalia in the backpack.

"In the front small pocket with one of her medication bottles, I located a burnt piece of a ziplock bag that contained a small clear straw," the incident report reads in part. "Inside of the straw and the baggie, there was a clear and white crystaline residue. I asked Ms. Castleberry if only her medications would be in the bag and she stated 'Yes' it should only be her medications because it is her bag and that she is the only one who carries it."

According to the report, no other contraband was found in the tent and Castleberry was arrested on suspicion of one count of possession of drug paraphernalia.

Metzger was told he had the rest of the day to move off the lot and pick up the couple's trash from the area, according to the report.