From Conway Police Department reports

Woman calls police following fight with boyfriend at McDonald's

A 30-year-old woman called police after she and her boyfriend got into a fight at a McDonald's drive-thru lane last week.

According to an incident report, authorities were called out to Los Tres Potrillos shortly before 1 p.m. Nov. 25 after the alleged victim said she and her boyfriend got into a fight and that he cut her while the two were arguing outside of the McDonald's on Skyline Drive.

Responding officers noted the woman had a 1-inch cut along the left side of her nose. However, according to the report, paramedics who were called to the scene said the cut was "superficial in nature and did not present a medical emergency."

According to her statement, the woman said she and her boyfriend "have been fighting lately and that they've been trying to break off [their] relationship for a few weeks." While in the drive-thru the two began arguing over some comments her boyfriend made toward her and eventually, her 28-year-old boyfriend told her to get out of the vehicle.

"[The woman] began grabbing her belongings from the vehicle as [her boyfriend] began throwing them at her," the incident report reads in part. "The two continued this until [she] removed her items from the car and began to leave the area on foot ... [and he] drove off and left [her] standing there in the parking lot."

One woman who was behind the two as they fought drove the woman to Los Tres as she called police.

According to the report, officer Don C. Newton Jr. noticed the 30-year-old woman seemed "under the influence of an intoxicant of some sort" when speaking with her on scene and she later admitted to getting "her smoke on earlier" with her boyfriend and some friends."

Officer Newton asked the woman if she would like a ride home. However, she declined.

"I asked [the woman] if she needed a ride to her residence but she stated that she could use a beer so she was going to walk inside of Los 3 Potrillos and quench her thirst," the incident report reads in part.

According to the report, there was not enough evidence to arrest the 28-year-old man. However, Newton explained how the woman could file charges against him and also how to obtain a no contact order against him if she wished to do so.

Suspect throws $1,800 worth of marijuana in the trash

Two men were arrested last week on drug charges after a Conway officer reportedly saw one of the individuals drop something into a trash can and later found nearly $2,000 worth of marijuana.

According to an incident report, Marcavion Arnez Fennell, 19, and Raeshon Marquis Fisher, 21, of Fort Smith both face drug charges following a Nov. 25 traffic stop that was conducted after an officer noticed one of the individuals place something in a trash can and then not put his seat belt back on.

Officer Jim Pfrenger first saw the 2008 white Cadillac C/T on Gabrial Drive, noting the driver was not wearing his seat belt. Upon seeing the officer, the driver "quickly put on his seat belt, and bulled back into the driveway."

The vehicle reportedly sat in the Gabriel Drive residence parking lot  without anyone getting in or out of the vehicle for a while as Pfrenger was parked in the Woodland Heights Baptist Church parking lot. Eventually, according to the report, the vehicle left and continued making random turns, seemingly attempting to avoid the officer.

At one point, Pfrenger saw one of the passengers get out of the vehicle and "drop an unknown item into a trash can" on Jeanna Drive. After the suspect did not put his seat belt back on, Pfrenger turned on his blue lights and pulled over the Cadillac.

The vehicle reportedly smelled of marijuana. However, according to the report, no contraband was found inside the vehicle.

When questioned about what he put in the trash can, Fennell said he did not throw anything away and instead was only trying to "distract" the officer. Upon searching the trash can, authorities reportedly found "a large, vacuum sealable bag containing a large amount of marijuana." According to the report, the marijuana was valued at $1,800.

Fennell and Fisher were both arrested on scene, and officers called the family of a 13-year-old who was also in the vehicle to pick him up.