Now that he's cut his long locks and surpassed his funding goal, 10-year-old Cooper Wilson of Guy went out with his mother and purchased more than $850 worth of items for patients at the Arkansas Children's Hospital.

Two years ago, the Guy-Perkins student made the decision to grow his hair out for a cause greater than himself. On Nov. 20, he finally made the big cut and had 11 inches cut off at The Hair Studio in Conway. Cooper's young brother followed in his footsteps, and was also able to cut off 8 inches to donate.

While his ultimate goal was to grow out his hair so that it could be used to make a wig for someone in need, Cooper also decided to raise money to provide with-list items for young patients at the Arkansas Children's Hospital in Little Rock.

He aimed to raise $500, and he ended up raising $850.

On Thursday, the 10-year-old boy went out with his mother, Lacey Blair Wilson, and picked out items to take to ACH.

"It was a great and fun experience," the boy's mother said, adding that Cooper "put a lot of thought into everything that was picked. He got things for all ages and all sexes."

Lacey said she was also thankful her son decided to take on this project because it has taught him life lessons along the way.

Practicing his mathematics and learning to budget went into making the final shopping adventure possible.

"He had a spending limit, therefore he had to keep up with how much each item cost, and if he got multiple items, he had to add or multiply to figure out how much say four of the same items cost and then add as we went along [while also having to] subtract from $850," she said.

Cooper also had to factor in taxes as he selected his toys, eventually filling three shopping carts full of items at a Conway Walmart.

While her young son is typically an ornery 10-year-old boy, Cooper has also shown he is dedicated to helping others, Lacey said.

"He's a typical, ornery 10-year-old boy, but at the same time, has the most kind and giving heart," Lacey said when describing Cooper's character. "He's polite, always answers with a 'yes ma'am' or 'no sir.' We've been told multiple times he's one of the most respectful kids people have ever met. He treats everyone he meets the same. He always holds doors open for people, is the first to tell his teachers good morning and is sure to tell ladies that work in the school's cafeteria thank you ... [and] three of them donated $20 a piece to his cause."

Many have reached out to the Wilsons after learning of Cooper's initiative, stating they find the boy to be an inspiration to others.

One man who has a son who underwent chemotherapy treatments and has since made a full recovery posted onto the Cooper's Cancer Cut Facebook page stating that Cooper had inspired his 10-year-old son to follow suit as well to give back to others.

Cooper said he enjoyed the entire experience and that he is growing antsy as he grows increasingly more excited to drop off the gifts he selected at ACH.

Altogether, the young Guy-Perkins student spent $883.80.

Lacey said she and her husband Ryan did not mind covering the extra $33.80 and that the couple was extremely proud of "Coop."

Cooper picked out a variety of items ranging from blankets, crayons and coloring books, stuffed animal, hot wheels, books and much more.