Editor's note: An earlier version of this article included the incorrect salaries for the Transportation Department Director and the City Engineer. The story has been updated to reflect the correct salaries.

The Conway Street and Engineering Department will undergo major changes in the new year.

Last week, the Conway City Council approved a request from Director Finley Vinson to restructure and rename the department. As of Jan. 1, 2019, the department will be the Transportation Department and will have additional responsibilities.

In exchange, some staff will see new titles and increased salaries. Other positions, which have been open for an extended period of time, may be eliminated.

“I want everyone to be very clear on this: the restructure of the street department will not come from any of the new sales tax receipts, zero, and it will actually save us around $20,000 annually,” Mayor Bart Castleberry said, adding that the approved salaries would not receive the cost-of-living adjustment (COLA) raises that other city departments will see at the start of the year. “They will not receive a new 2 percent [increase] on top of this in January.”

The new salaries were based on a Job Evaluation and Salary Administration Program (JESAP) survey completed by the Johansen Group, Vinson said.

“We wanted to rename and restructure the department to better reflect the job we’re performing within the city. We don’t just do street and engineering work,” said transportation department Finley Vinson. “We work on traffic congestion, drainage, and building and repairing sidewalk infrastructure. This modernizes the department in name and function to better serve the people of Conway.”

Castleberry said the department’s workload had already increased in 2018 with the passing of the street improvement sales tax, the streamlining of the city’s physical plant and a renewed focus on drainage issues. He said that in 2019, in addition to a continued focus on street improvements, the newly-named Transportation Department will tackle drainage issues and sidewalks.

“We’re going to start concentrating on drainage issues and sidewalks,” he said. “As a city, as we look toward public transportation, walk-ability will figure greatly into that. We’re going to start that in earnest as well.”

The approved restructuring required the following new or revised titles and salaries:

• Maintenance Specialist I: $28,189.

• Maintenance Specialist II: $30,000.

• Maintenance Specialist III: $32,333.

• Equipment Operator – General: $32,704.

• Equipment Operator – Intermediate: $35,429.

• Equipment Operator – Advanced: $38,005.

• Construction Specialist – General: $35,012.

• Construction Specialist – Intermediate: $37,741.

• Construction Specialist – Advanced: $40,736.

• Crew Leader: $43,045.

• Concrete Crew Leader: $46,125.

• Job Supervisor: $50,387.

• Maintenance Manager: $55,465.

• Construction Manager: $55,465.

• Traffic Signal Manager $61,476.

• Assistant Street Superintendent: $61,464.

• Street Superintendent: $72,818.

• City Engineer: $88,574.

• Transportation Department Director: $92,290.