From Conway Police Department reports

Man arrested moments after being banned from local hotel

A Helena-West Helena man was arrested early New Year's Day after reportedly refusing to leave an area hotel after being banned from the premises.

According to an incident report, authorities were called out just before 2:30 a.m. Jan. 1 after an employee at LaQuinta Inn said she asked a man who was in the lobby with his dog to leave but he was refusing.

Officers arrived on scene five minutes after receiving the initial complaint and soon located  Laterick D. Ezell, 37, near the front of the hotel.

"Ezell was between doors that led to the lobby of the hotel," the incident report reads in part. "Ezell said his truck was out of gas and he had nowhere warm to go. Ezell then said that he and his dog were freezing inside his truck."

While the 37-year-old showed to have an outstanding warrant out of Helena-West Helena, he was out of extradition range and Helena-West Helena police said to leave the warrant active. When he was told he would not be arrested, Ezell was also issued a criminal trespass warning per the hotel's request, according to officer Phillip Sweet's report.

"I spoke with Ezell and advised him that he was being issued a warning for criminal trespass and that he would be arrested if he returned," the incident report reads in part. "Ezell left the hotel and as Ofc. King and I were about to leave, Ezell walked back inside the lobby. At that time, I took Ezell into custody for criminal trespass."

Wife kicks husband out of vehicle for throwing up in car

A Greenbrier man was arrested on suspicion of public intoxication on New Year's Day after his wife reportedly kicked him out of the car when driving along Interstate 40.

According to an incident report, the Arkansas State Police asked Conway police to check on a man who was reportedly walking on the westbound side of Interstate 40 after receiving a call "requesting help due to him being intoxicated and his wife leaving him on the side of the interstate."

Officer Mike Fuentes located the man in question at 4:17 a.m. Jan. 1. In his report, Fuentes noted the man was "swaying back and forth and was barely able to keep his balance."

The man was identified as 34-year-old Bruce Neal Sumier, who told police: "I'm intoxicated and my wife left me here because I threw up in her car."

Sumier said he did not have anyone else who could come pick him up and was ultimately arrested on one count of public intoxication because he was unable to call anyone to pick him up.

Woman reports feeling threatened by neighbors

A Keathley Drive resident called police New Year's Day stating she felt threatened by her neighbors.

The 57-year-old woman called police shortly after 4:15 p.m. Nov. 1, stating that while she does not know her neighbors' names, she was concerned they may attack her.

The complainant proceeded to say the neighbors' dog "has been using the restroom near her apartment, which has been causing issues."

On this particular occasion, the woman said the two suspects beat on her door and began yelling at her as soon as she opened the door. The complainant said one of the suspects was holding "a plastic yellow bat" when she and her boyfriend began yelling at her, reportedly threatening to beat her up if she went near their apartment.