From Conway Police Department reports

Dogs attack construction worker

A Blake Lane resident was cited after his pit bull reportedly chased after and snapped at Paladino Construction employees last week.

According to an incident report, police were called to Blake Lane following "an aggressive dog" complaint on Jan. 3. Soon after officer Thaddeus Burrow arrived on scene, he watched the "large, muscular, dark gray and white male pit bull" chase several Paladino employees.

"Before I could get out of my vehicle, the dog had chased two males to the front door of the business," the incident report reads in part. "The employees fled inside to escape the barking, snapping dog."

When the dog also began charging toward him, Burrow reportedly began spraying the dog in the face with pepper spray, which briefly kept the dog away. As the male pit bull ran off and began rolling on the ground, rubbing off the pepper spray, a smaller, female pit bull reportedly wandered up and began barking as well.

Once the larger dog had worn off the pepper spray, it reportedly stood and began charging toward officer Burrow again. This time, Burrow grabbed his Taser and shocked the dog as it lunged and attempted to bite him.

The Animal Control Unit was also called to the scene. Once an animal control officer made it to the area, the dogs' owner was called

According to the report, the dogs' owner was also "in possession of some 'pet' pigs and there were chickens running around lose in the unfenced back yard area." The dogs' owner was informed of the city's leash ordinance an issued "multiple other ordinance violations too."

Conway resident reports finding 'powder' on his vehicle

A Hillman Street resident called police after an unknown suspect sprayed his vehicle with powder from a fire extinguisher.

The complaint was reported at 8:15 a.m. Jan. 3, according to an incident report.

The 23-year-old complainant called police to file a criminal mischief report after learning someone had sprayed white powder from a fire extinguisher onto his 2004 red Ford Explorer.

The man told officer Matthew Holland he "had no idea where the fire extinguisher was retrieved from and he did not believe the substance caused property damage, just the inconvenience of removing it."

Cab driver creeps on Conway couple

A Conway couple reported being harassed by a cab driver last week.

According to an incident report, a local couple called a taxi service they'd previously used around 10:35 p.m. Ne Year's Eve. The husband told officers he and his wife contacted Price-D Right Taxi, which is based out of Morrilton because "they have used [this taxi service] several times before" and the wife already had the cab driver's number saved.

Michael Robert Duensing, 42, the cab driver, arrived in his personal vehicle to pick up the couple.

The next day, the couple was awakened by someone banging on their front door and soon learned it was Duensing. The couple told officer Aaron Cullum they thought this was odd, because neither of them had called the cab driver.

The couple also said Duensing called the wife's cell phone around 10 p.m. Jan 1.

The two said they ignored the call but that Duensing called back "several more times."

At 6:30 a.m. Jan. 3, the husband "opened his garage door and was startled by Mike parked in his driveway stating that he was out of gas." After giving the cab driver some gas money, the complainant said he told Duensing not to return to the couple's home.

The man told police that Duensing "looked like he was not right mentally" and they were concerned he may have mental health issues.

Conway officers were able to contact the cab driver's fiancee who confirmed Duensing was mentally ill and was not taking his medications. The woman also said she was trying to track down her fiance but that "he just emptied [their] bank account and was possibly going to the airport to go back to Illinois," according to the report.