The Log Cabin Democrat and continues to be the premiere local news source for Faulkner County, even after years of change in the community and in the industry of traditional newspapers.

For more than 110 years, we have been committed to continued growth and to making sure we provide the news value readers demand.

For the first time in decades, the LCD is recruiting a Reader Advisory Board to help us maintain our community input, impact and outreach.

In studies outlined by the International News Media Association in an article published January 1: “Research shows even Millennials, who have no affinity with traditional media, trust print more than other sources, particularly social media.

“The Yellow Social Media Report 2018 (Australia) found 73% of those surveyed trusted traditional news sources, including print media — well above what appeared from news sources on social media (16%) or from friends and family posts on social media on what was happening (11%). As well, one-third of respondents admitted to reacting to something on social media that they later discovered was untrue.

“Digital gets our attention, but print gets our respect.”

That means that local newspapers have to work hard to continue reinforcing this mindset. We have to be able to reach audiences across the board and accept feedback that will aid efforts to bring the right, quality news stories to the local paper.

We cannot do this in a vacuum. We need your help and support to maintain a community accountability partnership that also will serve to connect communities within the community of Faulkner County.

We are seeking passionate individuals who can help identify weaknesses and strengths. We aim for a positive, critical conversation among board members to help us make news decisions for our daily paper.

Requirements are simple. Meetings of the board will be held once monthly at the LCD offices, 1121 Front St., in Conway. Board members will have the opportunity to bring questions, concerns, story ideas and more to the table for discussion and explanation.

We’re looking for candidates with no special interests — elected officials and other community leaders need not apply. Those who previously held these positions are invited to submit applications. Being a member of civic or service clubs is acceptable.

Board meetings should last no more than an hour. Each meeting will include updates on projects and long-term, enterprising stories. These meetings will not include discussions concerning Women’s Inc., the LCD’s monthly community magazine.

The purpose of the Advisory Board will strictly be directed for the daily newspaper.

Discussion will be roundtable form, allowing each board member to provide feedback for the previous month.

The meetings will be recorded by an LCD staff member and the public will get monthly updates on topics of discussion and decisions made for forward progress from Publisher Kelly Sublett. The newsroom will clearly demonstrate what changes will be made (or are coming) as a result of the board’s feedback.

Any community member who has a heart for local news and the success of the free press should apply by sending a few paragraphs on why you’re interested in serving. Please disclose any affiliations with service organizations or leadership roles you have held in Faulkner County. Please include best contact information -- phone number, email, mailing address, etc.

Decisions for board members will be made by the publisher and newsroom manager.

All applications are due by email or regular mail by February 18. Potential board members will be notified of selection no later than February 25.

The first meeting of the Reader Advisory Board will be planned for March once times and dates are agreed on by selected board members.

Email applications to with the subject line “Reader Advisory Board.”

Mail applications to the Log Cabin Democrat ℅ Kelly Sublett, 1121 Front St., Conway, AR, 72032.

We hope you will participate, and thank you for reading!