January 13


10 Years Ago

Linda Henderson completed 26 years of service at the Conway Human Development Center. Linda Bettis completed 36 years of service at CHDC.

Former Conway High School standout Kayla Chambers returned home as a freshman forward for Ecclesia. Ecclesia defeated CBC in an 80-68 victory. Chambers scored 24 of those points for a season high.

Jennifer Ussery donated 18 inches of her hair for Locks for Love. Raigan Baker, 9, donated 11 inches of her hair.

Dr. Faril Simpson presented a free acoustic concert at the Faulkner County Library as part of the library’s evening concert series.


25 Years Ago

Jared Walls and Casie Rains were pictured participating in the Arkansas Children’s Hospital presentation at Ellen Smith Elementary School. The program was designed to make children more familiar with what goes on at a hospital.

Commissioners and foundation members for AETN met in a storage area to examine what would soon become the network’s second studio. AETN would also purchase a satellite uplink truck.

Ronnie Hall, a civil engineer for Garver & Garver of Little Rock and a Faulkner County resident, was hired as the city’s first engineer.

Gwen Fielder was named the 1994 Greenbrier Basketball Homecoming Queen.


50 Years Ago

Frank Moix joined First National Bank’s training program to learn the banking business. He had been a time motion engineer before being activated by Air National Guard during the Pueblo crisis when North Korea detained the USS Pueblo, a Navy intelligence ship.

Sheriff Joe S. Martin made his first arrest when he, Deputy Lee Hogan and State Trooper Robert Gwatney confiscated a crude whiskey still about five miles southeast of Conway in the Caney community. The place had been under surveillance for two or three weeks. The “rig” was brought to the courthouse.


75 Years Ago

Two hundred and forty-four births were recorded in Cadron Township, which includes Conway, during 1943, the second largest number on record for the area. The number of deaths for 1943 was 111. Mrs. Mae Goad Jones, registrar, was preparing the annual vital statistics report for the Log Cabin Democrat.

Misses Elizabeth and Clyde Poole purchased a home at 1614 Mill from Dr. J.Z. Bailey. Miss Elizabeth was a secretary for the Hendrix College alumni office while Miss Clyde was a teacher at Central Grammar School.

A daughter, Teddie Faye, was born to Staff Sgt. and Mrs. Faber Woodruff at the Doctors Clinic.


100 Years Ago

Lt. Clarence A. Imboden of Morrilton who had recently been granted a discharge from the service, was spending the day in Conway with relatives and friends.

The 150 horses sold at auction at Auxiliary Remount Depot No. 317, Camp Pike, brought an average price of $83.50 each and the 447 mules were sold at an average of $146.85 each, it was announced by Capt. Harry E. Hoy, who was in charge of the sale. “The horses and mules were sold at a sacrifice,” said Capt. Hoy.