Prosecutors are asking that a Conway teen currently on probation after pleading guilty to manslaughter last year be held in the county jail without bond.

Malique Decardo Cooks, 19, was arrested Friday evening on suspicion of robbery, first-degree terroristic threatening and theft of property charges following a Dec. 30 incident where he allegedly threatened to shoot up a local McDonald's restaurant. Online records show Fredrick Giles, 18, also faces charges following the Dec. 30 incident.

The two appeared in Faulkner County District Court in downtown Conway on Monday afternoon via video conference before District Judge Chris R. Carnahan for a first appearance hearing, where the two were also ordered to remain behind bars on $10,000 bonds.

At deputy prosecutor Cody Arnold's request, the two Conway teens have also been banned from the fast-food chain.

"You are banned from McDonald's and that means any McDonald's," Carnahan said just after 2 p.m. Monday. "That means no fries, [and] you can't check on a Monopoly ticket. You are banned from all McDonald's [restaurants] nationwide."

Along with the criminal trespass citations issued against the two, Cooks and Giles were also ordered to have no contact with the two employees they allegedly threatened on Dec. 30.

Following the hearing, an additional request to have Cooks held in the county jail without bond was filed in Faulkner County Circuit Court.

The request was filed because Cooks is accused of violating the conditions and requirements imposed against him last year, according to a petition for probation revocation that was filed shortly after 3 p.m. Monday.

Cooks is currently on felony probation after pleading guilty last year to one count of manslaughter for shooting and killing his half brother, 22-year-old Damien Hardy. According to the felony information filed against Cooks, he and his brother were "trash talking" each other at their apartment on Bruce Street when he "picked up the gun, thinking it would not fire, pointed it at Hardy, disengaged the safety, and pulled the trigger." Cooks was 18 years old when he shot and killed his brother.

The Conway teen pleaded guilty in a negotiated plea deal on Jan. 4, 2018, and was ordered to serve five years of felony probation. Cooks was also ordered to pay a $500 fine, along with other court costs. The deputy prosecutor assigned to the case was Joan Shipley. Shipley no longer works as a prosecutor within the 20th Judicial District.

According to the newly-filed criminal case against Cooks and Giles, the two area teens reportedly threatened to shoot up the McDonald's on Dave Ward Drive after stealing soda from the drink fountain.

Employees called Conway police on Dec. 30 stating the two teens threatened them after the teens were told to pay for the soda they were attempting to steal.

One employee said she was at the ice cream machine and turned around when she saw Cooks "in another employee's face," adding that she saw Cooks "grabbing his own pants acting like he was going to fight [her co-worker]."

"She overheard Malique asking [her co-worker] if two drinks were really worth getting robbed over," the probable cause affidavit reads in part. "[The woman] said that she told them that they would need to pay for the drinks and when they refused, she took a drink out of Malique's hand."

After she took his drink away, the woman told police Cooks began filling up a separate cup. Giles reportedly went in the restaurant at least two times, filling up cups with soda from the fountain. As the two were leaving, the allegedly threatened to shoot up the restaurant.

One employee said the two teens walked into the restaurant "acting like they wanted to fight" when describing the incident to police.

"She said after [her co-worker] told them to leave, they took drinks and as they were leaving the location, Malique said something about coming back with a gun and referred to it as a 'strap.'"

According to the probation revocation filed against Cooks, he has yet to pay any of the fines or court costs (collectively totaling $1,220) within the first year of his probation. Along with being behind on his payments, deputy prosecutor Megan Carter said in the request that the new charges and Cook's recently-failed drug test warrant having his probation revoked.

Regarding the robbery and threat case against the two Conway teens, Cooks and Giles are scheduled to appear at 9 a.m. Feb. 4 in Faulkner County Circuit Court for a plea and arraignment hearing. Cooks is also set to appear before a circuit judge "within 72 hours" regarding the revocation request filed against him.