When I was a little girl, I loved Valentine’s Day. I used to spend hours picking out which Valentine card went to each person in my class. I loved filling out the envelopes and decorating my white Valentine bag during class. Times have certainly changed, but I haven’t. I still love getting Valentines ready for my children in elementary school. 

When my oldest child was in preschool, I think I spent about six hours cutting and gluing homemade Valentines for her seven classmates. It’s then I knew I had a problem. As we kept adding to our family, clearly I couldn’t spend 18 hours on Valentines. I mean, I would if I could, but my kids also want clean clothes to wear and food to eat. Priorities. 

One thing that I noticed during that first Valentine’s Day in school, is that Valentine’s Day has turned into a mini-Halloween. There’s a lot of candy and small toys involved. That didn’t happen in my day, but I like this change and embrace it. 

I started these Valentines by heading to a couple local discount stores for some inspiration. I found cute little gum ball machines, suckers, glow sticks and snack cakes. I knew I could make some cute cards with appropriately cheesy sayings to attach to them. 

I discovered digital paper and clip art a few years ago and it has been Valentine-changing. There are some great, inexpensive digital papers on Etsy that can be easily downloaded, and that’s where I found all of these designs that I used on the cards.

I made these in Photoshop, but you can other programs, anything that uses layers. But since I know Photoshop, and you can try it for free for 7 days, I’ll go through the steps in Photoshop.


1. Purchase and download digital papers from an online shop. I use Etsy.

2. Save photos to folder.

3. Open Photoshop. Go to file, new, and open a new document. 

4. Choose the width and height of the cards. I chose 3 inches by 3 inches and 4 x 5.5. You can choose any size you want. 

5. Now you’re ready to start you card!

6. Go to File, Place Embedded, choose the digital paper you have saved.

7. Size the paper and place it, hit enter. 

8. Use the rectangle tool, draw the rectangle shape to fit your text.

9. Use text tool to type in your Valentine message. 

10. Save your card.

11. Go to File, New.

12. Choose standard paper size, 8.5 x 11.

13. Go to File, Place Embedded, choose your saved card.

14. Do this until the page is filled.

15. Print on card stock.

16. Cut out the Valentine cards. 


Once your cards are printed, use a hole punch and ribbon to attach the card to your Valentine treat! And you’re done!

If this seems a little too daunting for you, I get it, and that’s ok. If you like these Valentine cards they’re available to download on my blog http://themajesticmama.com/