From Conway Police Department reports

Homeless man banned from laundromat

A local homeless man who claimed to be pregnant was banned from the Conway Coin Laundry on Friday after reportedly threatening an employee.

Authorities were called to the laundromat just before 1:20 a.m. Friday after an employee said "that a male was threatening him with a gun and stating that he was going to shoot him," according to an incident report.

Officer Hannah Slajer arrived on scene four minutes after the complainant called 911 and learned the suspect had fled the scene. According to the report, Slajer and officer Thaddeus Burrow soon located the suspect walking through the parking lot at Walmart.

The suspect, 33-year-old Joseph Tyrel Gann told police he was the victim in the early-morning case and that "he as attacked by someone he believed was on drugs" at the laundromat.

Before heading back over to the laundromat, authorities searched the 33-year-old suspect to ensure he did not have any weapons. Slajer noted overhearing Gann "speaking about spiritual entities and even stated that he was pregnant" as Burrow patted him down.

After heading back over to Conway Coin Laundry, officers learned the employee who called police has had issues with the suspect in the past and that the complainant wanted Gann banned from the business.

The complainant claimed that while the homeless man never brandished a gun, Gann "did tell him he had a badge and a gun and that he was going to shoot him" before he "punched his own hand directly in front of [the complainant's] face ... [and] punched the glass door with a closed fist and stormed off the premises."

Gann was ultimately issued a criminal trespass warning and the officers also explained to the complainant how he could file charges against the 33-year-old suspect if he wished to do so.

Ex-employee threatens Linen King staff after getting fired

A 58-year-old Conway man is behind bars after reportedly threatening to kill employees at Linen King.

The disgruntled, ex-employee reportedly went to the business on Whitten Road on Friday and began acting "belligerent" toward other staff members at the business, according to an incident report.

Records show authorities were called to the business shortly after 7:30 a.m. regarding a 58-year-old man who was fired earlier that morning.

Thomas Lindsey reportedly said he was "going to kill everyone here" and that he would "bring a gun into the building and shoot the building."

According to the incident report, the suspect also threatened to kill his former supervisor's family.

One of the supervisors told police Lindsey had written down another supervisor's license plate number and threatened to look up her information and "find her."

Officer Joseph P. Manno said after speaking with Lindsey, he suspected the 58-year-old was intoxicated.

"When making contact with Thomas, he was belligerent and smelled of intoxicants," Manno's report reads in part. "Thomas was a danger to himself and others ... In addition, he made several racial comments towards the staff at Linen King and the police officers on scene. He was creating [an] unreasonable annoyance to others around him."

At one point, the 58-year-old reportedly "made an outburst ... that he went to a party last night and came straight to work [Friday] morning."

Records show Thomas faces terroristic threatening and public intoxication charges following the incident. The 58-year-old was also banned from the premises and issued a criminal trespass citation by officers on scene.