From Conway Police Department reports

Man poses as Big Lots CEO for money

A Big Lots manager reportedly fell victim to a scam by a man posing as the CEO of the company.

According to an incident report, an associate manager received a call from a man who said he was Bruce K. Thorn, the CEO of Big Lots. The call came shortly after 9 a.m. Friday from a blocked number.

The alleged scammer posing as the company's CEO claimed he was conducting an investigation "involving counterfeit money" before asking the manager to get money out of the safe and then send over the funds to him on prepaid cards.

The assistant manager told officer Dennis L. Robertson that "Thorn gave [him] authorization to remove money from the safe" prior to asking him to load the money onto prepaid cards.

"Once the money was removed from the safe, [he] was instructed to purchase prepaid cards with the money and turn over the card information to Thorn," the incident report reads in part. "[The assistant manager] stated he did as he was instructed ... [and] gave Thorn his personal cell phone number and Thorn contacted [his] cell phone and remained on the phone with him while [he] purchased the prepaid cards."

The report states $1,992 was loaded onto several cards and that the alleged scammer was given information to access the funds on each card.

The assistant store manager told police that after giving who he thought was the CEO of the company information for the cards, he went home to tell his wife about the incident. Immediately, his wife said it appeared he'd been scammed.

Soon after talking with his wife, the man said he received another call from the alleged scammer who said "he needed some of the [card] numbers again, because some of the cards did not activate."

After giving "Thorn" the information, the associate manager said he then called the store manager and that the two met at the Conway store "at approximately 1:50 a.m." before calling police, according to the report.

DHS worker reportedly threatened

A Lonoke County man reportedly threatened to attack a local Department of Human Services case worker.

A  case worker who works at the Conway officer contacted police Friday after a man reportedly made several threatening posts about her on Facebook.

The woman told police she worked on a case involving the man and since learned the suspect threatened to "beat her like a man" if he ever saw her, according to an incident report.

The woman said she has heard but does not have proof that the man's wife has also made threatening remarks about her online.

Officer Dennis L. Robertson told the woman how to file charges against the couple if she wished to do so and advised her to keep screenshots of any messages she felt were threatening.