Valentine’s Day is this week and while love is definitely in the air, Conway Corp reminds you to keep balloons out of the air. Each year, thousands of Americans celebrate their significant other with helium-filled metallic balloons, and each year millions of homes and businesses experience power outages by balloons drifting into power lines.

Most helium balloons are made of mylar, a special kind of plastic that has a thin metallic coating great for conducting electricity. When a mylar balloon touches a power line or floats into substation equipment, their metallic properties cause a surge of electricity that results in power outages or electrical fires. Balloons can even cause energized wires to fall to the ground posing a serious safety risk.

In order to reduce these risks and help ensure everyone can safely enjoy their Valentine’s Day, Conway Corp reminds customers to follow these important safety tips for metallic balloons:

Use caution and avoid celebrating with metallic balloons near overhead electric lines.

Make sure helium-filled balloons are securely tied to a weight that is heavy enough to prevent them from floating away.

When disposing of balloons, make sure to puncture them to ensure lingering helium doesn’t cause them to float away.

If you have seen balloons caught in a power line or ever see a power line down, always leave it there and call Conway Corp at 450-6000 immediately.