From Conway Police Department reports

Conway man reportedly attacks girlfriend, arrested

Police were called to a residence on Fourth Avenue on Friday after a Conway man reportedly beat, yelled at and threatened to kill his girlfriend.

A neighbor called authorities just after 6:30 p.m. Friday regarding a possible domestic disturbance in the 620 block of Fourth Avenue. According to an incident report, responding officers "immediately heard a man yelling through the door" when the walked up to the doorstep.

After knocking on the door, the suspect soon "swung open the door" and "began aggressively yelling and making vulgar statements while on his knees just inside the front door, the report said.

According to officer Hannah Slajer's report, the suspect39-year-old Antonio Vincente Morales, would not cooperate with police and also "was extremely belligerent and smelled very strongly of alcohol."

Authorities also learned the suspect had a no contact order imposed against him, protecting the woman he allegedly attacked at the home, due to past domestic incidents, the report said.

The woman in question was fearful of police talking to her, taking pictures of her injuries and of giving a statement about the night's incident because she was worried Morales would kill her, the report said. She did admit that the suspect hit her and drug her by her hair in the Fourth Avenue residence.

After she mentioned Morales would "probably kill her" officers asked her to elaborate on whatever threat the 39-year-old allegedly made toward her.

"I requested elaboration and [the woman] stated that while she was pleading and begging Antonio to stop hitting her, he stated 'This time I'm going to kill you, b***."

Morales faces several charges following the incident, including third-degree domestic violence (second offense), violating a no contact order, disorderly conduct, public intoxication and resisting arrest.

Man behind bars following welfare check

A Little Rock man was sleeping in his vehicle in a parking lot along Ingram Street when police were called to check on him. The welfare check ultimately led to his arrest.

Records show Conway officers were asked to conduct a welfare check of a man seen "passed out" in his vehicle around 1:30 p.m. Saturday.

When officers spoke with the driver, 42-year-old Robert Kirtley, he gave police consent to search him and the vehicle, according to an incident report. The report also states authorities learned Kirtley had a protection order issued out of Pulaski County that needed to be served.

While waiting for the order, Kirtley was searched. The report states he did not have any contraband in his pockets. However, during a search of Kirtley's gray 2002 Ford F250, Sgt. Tom Kennedy "found a glass pipe in the center console of the truck."

Officer Liz Prophete also located a "35mm film roll case tucked under the center console on the passenger side" with two baggies inside it. According to her report, the two baggies respectively contained marijuana and suspected methamphetamine.

"One had a green leafy substance in it and the other had a powdery substance in it," the report reads in part. "A field test was conducted on the powdery substance that I found. It tested positive for meth."

Kirtley was ultimately arrested on scene and charged with possession of drug paraphernalia and two separate counts of possession of a controlled substance.