A Little Rock woman believed to be the suspect in a November robbery at a Conway gas station was formally charged Wednesday morning.

Kiara Lashae Morning, 26, was charged in Faulkner County Circuit Court with Robbery, a Class B felony, and theft of property, a Class A misdemeanor, in connection to a robbery that reportedly occurred Nov. 15 at the Valero gas station on Oak Street in Conway.

The Log Cabin Democrat previously reported the incident in question after a 22-year-old woman called police on the day in question saying she was robbed by a woman she'd arranged to buy two cell phones from.

According to an incident report, the 22-year-old complainant told officer Dennis L. Robertson she had been messaging a woman on Facebook about buying two phones and that the two agreed to meet at the Valero on Oak Street. The alleged victim told police she gave the suspect $600 for one of the phones before the suspect fled.

The alleged victim and the suspect, who the victim identified as a Kiaera Gates, met via Facebook Marketplace. The alleged victim agreed to purchase two phones, but after she began to inspect the first phone, she realized she was given an empty box, the report states.

″[The woman] stated she gave the female suspect $600 for one phone,” officer Robertson wrote in his report. ”[She] stated she wanted to make sure the phone was in the agreed upon condition before giving the female the other $600 for the second phone. [The woman] stated the suspect handed her an iPhone XS Max box [and] as she began to inspect the box, the suspect female and male driver fled the scene. [She] stated she realized the box was empty and called the police.”

The woman described the suspect vehicle as a black Jeep Compass.

Authorities asked her to send over screenshots of the suspect from her Facebook profile, as well as the messages between the two regarding the two phones.

According to the report, officers were unable to find a match for a suspect named Kiaera Gates, but did find she went by "Kiaera MB Rich" on Facebook and that it appeared she lives in Little Rock, according to the report.

The woman who called police also handed over the empty box she was given as evidence in the case, the report said.

The complainant sent an email over to Conway detectives on Dec. 14 containing a screenshot of the name "Kiara Morning" that also included the Little Rock woman's date of birth. In the email, the alleged woman said she now believes this was the true identity of the woman who robbed her the month before.

Sgt. Andrew Johnson called the woman a few days later to ask why she believed Morning was the suspect, according to a probable cause affidavit.

"She informed me that she saw on the Facebook page that the Kiara that had robbed her had put on there that she graduated from Central High School in Little Rock ... [and] had located a yearbook for the year Kiara graduated and went through the seniors until she found the only Kiara that was a black female," the affidavit reads in part.

The complainant told authorities she also verified her findings on Whitepages, the affidavit states.

Johnson said he pulled Morning's information from the Arkansas Crime Information Center after speaking with the alleged victim. After doing so, he said he was "certain the individual on the Facebook profile [in question] is Kiara Morning."