The city will hire a diversity and economic development coordinator for the administration department after the city council approved the new position on Tuesday.

Mayor Bart Castleberry said the job would likely be filled within 60-90 days. The annual salary will be $55,000.

“This goes back to some meetings that I’ve had in the past with some of our African-American community leaders as well as our Hispanic community leaders and entrepreneurs,” Castleberry said. “We had some really good discussion on what we need to be doing as a city to help us with new businesses and minority affairs issues.

He said the duties would include helping with the 2020 Census and other projects.

“This individual will work with a couple of new programs that are outside the city’s purview but that we’re very much involved in. The first one is Opportunity 501 and the other one is Bank On,” Castleberry said. “These have both really taken some major steps to help out minority communities here in Conway.”

The job is listed on the city’s website at

Aldermen also approved an ordinance allowing the removal of members of city boards and commissions for having three absences in a year, dereliction of duty, committing a crime, abusing their authority or having chronic discourteous behavior.

City Attorney Chuck Clawson said if a member does something to constitute being removed, that board or commission would require a majority vote to put it up for a hearing.

“Then the subject would be given notice about the hearing and be given the opportunity to resign,” Clawson said. “If the subject chooses to have a hearing, it requires a two-thirds vote from the board to have the member removed.”

If the board votes for removal, the ousted member would have 10 days to appeal in writing to the city council.

The council would then have an appeal. The member could be reinstated by a two-thirds vote of the council.

Also Tuesday, aldermen approved a new taxi service, Green and White Taxi and Delivery.

Owner Shawn DeMers said: “We’re going to do like a taxi delivery, packages, if someone has something they need to run across town, similar to that. We’re going to provide safe, reliable newer cars that we use.”

The council tabled discussion of signing an agreement for the city’s fleet management services with a private business.