From Faulkner County Sheriff's Office reports

Firearms taken to sheriff's office

While searching for a Greenbrier man in Enola, sheriff's deputies were asked to collect firearms the man in question left at a family member's home.

According to an incident report, the Faulkner County Sheriff's Office on Friday was aiding the U.S. Marshal's Service in a search for 41-year-old Ricky L. Black.

Authorities searched for the 41-year-old Greenbrier man at three separate residences located on White Oak Road, Pumpkin Center Circle and Countryside Drive.

While at the Countryside Drive residence in Enola, authorities were alerted the suspect had been by the home two days prior.

The homeowner told police Friday morning that "Ricky brought a black and orange Polaris side by side to their residence and left it," the incident report states.

According to the report, three firearms were collected from inside the Polaris upon the homeowner's request and later taken to the Faulkner County sheriff's Office for safe keeping.

Call over argument leads to warrants arrest

A Conway man was charged with a felony after allegedly trying to sneak drugs inside the Faulkner County Detention Center.

According to an incident report, 28-year-old Eric Wesley Loftis of Conway was arrested Saturday afternoon after authorities were called to a Jasper Street residence and learned he had outstanding warrants.

Scotty L. Gregory, 31, of Conway called police to the home regarding an argument between Loftis and a woman at the home.

According to his statement, Loftis told deputy Stephen Canino he and the woman in question "were just arguing over normal stuff" and the woman claimed "she was laying on the bed and they didn't really argue."

After being called to the home, Canino ran all three individuals' information through the Arkansas Crime Information Center when he learned Gregory had a warrant issued against him by the Conway Police Department and Loftis had warrants out of the Faulkner County Sheriff's Office as well as the Carlisle Police Department.

Due to the outstanding warrants, both men were arrested and searched on scene, the report states.

Prior to heading over to the Faulkner County Detention Center, Canino reportedly asked both men "if they had any drugs hidden on their person" adding that they would be charged with a felony if authorities found out while at the jail that either of the two were hiding any contraband, according to the report.

However, once at the county jail, authorities learned Loftis was hiding narcotics, the report states.

"While at the detention center, Mr. Loftis tried to conceal a clear bag with a crystal like substance in it during the intake process," the incident report reads in part. "Deputy Wilks noticed this and restrained Mr. Loftis. Deputy Wilks and Faulkner County Detention Center booking staff took Mr. Loftis t a search room where he was strip searched to make sure he did not have any other illegal contraband on his person."

Following the incident, Loftis was also charged with possession of a controlled substance inside a prohibited facility and furnishing prohibited articles, according to the report.