From Conway Police Department reports

NLR pepper sprays ex, reports feeling harassed

A North Little Rock woman filed a harassment report against her son's father after the man showed up at her workplace and began yelling at her last week.

According to an incident report, the woman went to the police department Friday afternoon to file a report on an incident that occurred at US Compounding, which is a local pharmacy, earlier that day.

The 30-year-old woman told officer Frankie L. Henderson that her son's father "showed up to her job out of the blue," adding that she currently has his number blocked "due to issues she is having with him."

As she was sitting out in her car while on lunch break, the 49-year-old suspect pulled up into the parking lot and proceeded to walk up and "began yelling and cursing at her," according to her statement.

Because of the way he was acting and because it was almost time for her shift to pick back up, the woman told authorities she attempted to head back inside. However, as she began walking toward the door, the suspect began walking around her vehicle in the direction she was headed which made her feel threatened, she said. As he rounded her vehicle, the woman admitted she "pepper sprayed him and went inside to tell the manager what happened," the report states.

The woman told authorities she is "afraid of [her son's father] and is tired of being harassed by him."

Officer Henderson gave the woman the report number associated with the case and told her how to file charges against the 49-year-old suspect if she wished to do so, according to the report.

Employee suspected in theft

A Morrilton man is suspected of stealing nearly $3,000 from a local motel, according to an incident report.

A Conway officer was called to the Candlewood Suites on Friday regarding a missing money bag that had $2,800 in it.

A manager called authorities shortly before 4 p.m. Friday to report the incident, stating that four people had access to the room the money was kept in prior to its disappearance. She also said she suspects a 29-year-old employee, who typically would not have access to the room the money would be in but was undergoing training. According to her statement, the man returned to work on Friday "very sleep[y]" and was acting strange.

"He spilled his coffee and sunflower seeds ... [and then] left the room and did not return," the report reads in part. "[The manager] had to send another staff member out to look for [him] because she was worried about him. The other manager ... stated while she was training him today, he was sweating a lot and could not keep his eyes open. Whens he asked him if he was hot, he just go up and left."

According to the report, employees located the missing bank bag in the parking lot next to the suspect's truck.

The 29-year-old reportedly "advised if he was going to steal money, he would not leave the bank bag next to his own vehicle."

"[The man] did appear very nervous and was sweating a lot while I was talking to him," officer Lois S. Spencer wrote in her report.