From Conway Police Department reports

Woman flees boyfriend, drives to police department

A Greenbrier woman drove to the police department last weekend while trying to get away from her boyfriend after he reportedly started acting violent.

According to an incident report, a woman called 911 and drove to the police department while on the phone with dispatchers shortly before 2 p.m. April 6 as her boyfriend was following behind her. The woman told authorities that 27-year-old Jordan Ryan Cutler began yelling at her shortly before becoming violent while she was helping him pack his belongings at his apartment.

The 38-year-old woman was at Cutler's apartment with her young son helping him pack his belongings because he was being evicted from the residence, according to her statement. While helping him collect his things, the woman said Cutler "started asking her about a necklace that he bought her for a gift."

The questioning soon escalated as Cutler began "yelling [and] cursing" in front of her child, the report states. At this point, the woman said she began grabbing her things so she and her son could leave but "Cutler grabbed her arm hard enough to leave bruises."

As soon as she fled Cutler's apartment, the woman went to the revenue office parking lot, where she proceeded to call authorities. While on the phone with dispatchers "Cutler pulled up still causing a scene" so she began driving toward the police department, the report states.

When police met up with the woman, Cutler allegedly kept texting her "saying he has a witness that she hit him and he did nothing to her."

"[The alleged victim] said [Cutler] was hitting himself in the face to leave a mark," the report states.

The suspect was ultimately arrested on suspicion of third-degree domestic battery and taken to the county jail. Cutler has since posted bond and is scheduled to appear June 10 in district court for a plea and arraignment hearing.

Man 'freaks out' following vehicle fire, leaves scene

Authorities were called out to Gatlin Park last weekend regarding a vehicle that was on fire in the parking lot.

According to an incident report, a resident who lives near the park called authorities shortly before 9:30 p.m. after learning there was a vehicle that was engulfed in flames in the parking lot.

The complainant told police he dropped his son off for prom and returned home around 8 p.m. One hour and 15 minutes later, the man said "he heard a continual honking of a vehicle horn. After hearing the horn sound "for several minutes," the man went to investigate the noise when he found there was a vehicle on fire in the parking lot, according to the report.

Police first attempted to identify what type of vehicle caught fire and who it belonged to based off the license plate. When calling the man who showed to be registered to a tn 2001 Chevrolet Blazer, police learned the license plate was stolen.

Conway Fire Department Arson Investigator Phillip Short determined on scene that the fire originated inside the vehicle but was not immediately able to determine the cause of the fire.

Eventually, authorities located the VIN and were able to track Frank Olivia as the vehicle's owner.

Olivia first "feign[ed] surprise upon hearing that the vehicle had been destroyed by fire" but later admitted that it started sparking and engulfed in flames before he fled the area, Sgt. Melissa Smith's report states. He reportedly admitted to trying to put out the fire but that he ultimately "freaked out" and left because he did not have insurance on the vehicle, the report states.

Because the Olivia also had an outstanding warrant, he was arrested on scene and taken to the county jail.