I was extremely impressed by the work ethic and drive a young seventh-grade student displayed earlier this week. It's only right that I take the time to brag on this young woman, and the school district she attends.

A few days ago, the Log Cabin Democrat received a call from a young girl asking for newspaper dispenser boxes we no longer were using. She was hoping to use these for a school project, and the woman who took the call, one of our sweet front desk employees Eliesha Wolverton (who is the glue that keeps our office together) asked to hear a little more about the project out of curiosity before telling the quiet voice on the other end of line that we would be happy to help her out.

Thirteen-year-old Madelyn Larrimore, a seventh grader at Greenbrier Middle School, said she was enrolled in the school's EAST program and was working on a project that encouraged others to disconnect from a social-media driven world and delve into a story told on physical pages.

Not enough of us read hard copies of books anymore. Madelyn is right. I'm guilty of this too.

I get so caught up with my work schedule that I rarely read at home. I need to change that. Thank you, Madelyn, for being that encouraging reminder.

The idea she has is adorable. And it's handy.

She plans to bring new life to these old, worn out newspaper dispensers and instead turn them into miniature libraries. The 13-year-old girl is working to gather donated books to fill these boxes and also is seeking locations to set up three small, outdoor libraries.

This student acknowledged on her own that the school has lower-than-they-could-be reading scores. Instead of talking about the issue, she is doing something about it. She's amazing!

Looking about her classmates, the seventh-grade student said she often sees others detached from their friends. Engulfed in an online atmosphere as they browse various social media sites. Madelyn said she would like to see change, and she's proving that she is working hard to be a source of what prompts that change. She cares for her classmates. She wants to help them better themselves.

She said she has seen this issue in her own household. I have too, Madelyn.

Maybe we should all take note of Madelyn's initiative? Let's escape our day-to-day stresses and find ourselves lost in a new story. I will work toward being more mindful of my at-home screen time because after listening to Madelyn describe her project pitch, I am proud to have met such a strong-willed young woman. Greenbrier Schools are doing great things with the students in its district.

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