Police believe an armed robbery reported during the early morning hours on April 9 was drug related, according to court documents.

The Conway Police Department was alerted of an aggravated residential burglary in the 1400 block of Pyramid Drive earlier shortly after 1 a.m. April 9. Residents at the home told authorities they "were robbed at gunpoint by several suspects inside their home," according to a search warrant affidavit filed in Faulkner County Circuit Court on Monday.

One of the residents were able to track two cell phones that were stolen during the incident to the corner of Arapaho Trail and Poinsettia Drive and informed officers who responded to the 911 call.

After locating the cell phones in the grass, officer Joshua Kear went back to the residence in question to gather more details about the incident.

"The three males [present] stated that they were asleep and heard a loud bang as 4-6 black males armed with handguns and an assault rifle burst into the house," the report reads in part.

According to Kear's report, there "was no damage to the front door frame" when the alleged victims confirmed it was possible the door was left unlocked. Of the items taken during the aggravated burglary included a gold Citizen watch, an Xbox, two laptops, two cell phones, a wallet and $100 in cash. The three men at the residence "expressed that they did not know any of the suspects and had no idea why they were targeted." However, while they did not know what direction the suspects fled in, the alleged victims said "they believed the suspects could reside [on] Joyner Street."

A few days after the incident, detective Lyle Peresko stopped by the residence to follow up on the investigation.

According to his report, he did not have "good leads" in the case and returned on April 15 to gather further details from the residents. While standing outside the Pyramid Drive residence, Peresko said he could smell marijuana. Once inside, Peresko said the smell "got stronger."

Upon gathering further details about the armed attack, Peresko proceeded to question the residents about their possible drug use and asked if they believed that could have played a role in their targeted attack, according to the affidavit.

"Once I collected everybody's story about [this] incident, I decided to bring up the unpleasant aroma that was emitting from the home," Peresko's report reads. "We had the discussion about how drugs and robberies normally go together and how it's possible his dealer or somebody close to that group were part of the [aggravated] residential [burglary]. After preaching, one of the males ... told me I could be correct."

According to the affidavit, the same resident who said it was possible drug use played a role in the burglary came smelled strongly of marijuana when he picked up his cell phone from the police department following the incident.

On April 18, officers returned to the home and immediately could smell marijuana, according to the affidavit used to request permission to search the residence.

The resident who opened the door immediately stepped outside and shut the front door when he spoke with officers. According to the affidavit, the man told officers he needed to "straighten up" his home before allowing police to search the residence when asked if they could speak with him inside the home.

During the conversation, the resident in question opened the door and police on scene could see a marijuana grinder "and what looked to be pieces of marijuana cigarettes on a table in the living room" when they decided to ask for permission to search the home. At this point, one of the residents declined consent and the man who allowed officers inside "did not answer."

From here, officers requested a circuit judge's OK to search the home. Once the warrant was approved, officers conducted a search and located several bags of marijuana, digital scales, a pistol, a drug ledger, $2,940 in cash along with several other items that were seized as evidence, according to the search warrant inventory form.

Online records show that charges had not yet been filed in either case as of press time Tuesday.