From Faulkner County Sheriff's Office reports

Pipes found during traffic stop

Authorities seized two pipes with suspected methamphetamine residue in them during a traffic stop on Tuesday.

According to an incident report, Faulkner County deputy Chad Pruett pulled over pulled over a vehicle around 8:30 p.m. Tuesday near the intersection of Crooked Creek and Black Ranch roads because the vehicle had "defective tail lamps."

While speaking with the driver, Pruett learned the 26-year-old Greenbrier man had an expired driver's license.

After learning the Greenbrier man's license was expired, the deputy asked for permission to search the vehicle. As he began the search, Pruett said he could smell marijuana inside the vehicle and on the man's clothes. At this point, the report states the search switched from a consent-search to a probable-cause search.

In a backpack located in the rear passenger floorboard, Pruett reportedly found two pipes that had suspected methamphetamine residue in them.

"Upon my removing the backpack from the vehicle, Mr. Nichols stated that the backpack was not his and he had not seen it before," the report reads in part. "Inside a zipper pouch of the backpack, I located a green Crown Royal bag. Inside the bag was a sunglass[es] pouch. Inside the pouch, wrapped in a handkerchief, were two class smoking devices that contained burn residue consistent with methamphetamine use."

The Greenbrier man claimed "he did not know who the backpack or its contents belonged to" and said the vehicle was his girlfriend's, the report states. However, police also found paperwork from Bryce's Bail Bond's in the vehicle that had the man in questions name on it.

All contraband was seized at the scene and the 26-year-old was given the OK to park the vehicle at a nearby friend's house.

Woman tells father to stop work on home

The sheriff's office was called to Sandlewood Road residence because a man was at his daughter's house and refusing to leave when asked to go.

According to a incident report, a 66-year-old woman was watching the home for the Sandlewood Road resident when the resident's father showed up to change the pass codes to the gates and garage doors shortly before 1 p.m. Tuesday.

The Greenbrier woman had asked her father to change the locks, but the house sitter became concerned when the man began "going through things in the garage and making himself at home."

At this point, the house sitter told deputy Zachary Cooley that she texted the homeowner about what was going on. The homeowner, who is the man's daughter, "asked him to leave and [said] she would hire a professional to do as she asked," according to the report.

The woman's 67-year-old father "refused to leave and ignored what was being asked of him by" his daughter, the report states.

After learning the homeowner told the Saint Joe man to leave, Cooley explained that if he continued to refuse her wishes "he would be arrested for criminal trespassing," according to the report.