From Faulkner County Sheriff's Office reports

FCSO called to possible shoplifting incident

A Conway woman is suspected of stealing items from the Dollar General on Highway 365.

According to an incident report, a manager at the store called the sheriff's office shortly before 1:30 p.m. May 6 because he believed a customer had shoplifted from the store.

The manager "stated he witnessed a black female check out at the register and attempt to leave the store [as an alarm sounded]."

Because the alarm sounded when the 31-year-old woman attempted to leave, the manager said he asked if he could look through her bags. While searching the bags, the store manager said "he found an item that wasn't on her receipt in her shopping bag."

At this point, the woman in question allegedly said she did not want the item and proceeded to leave the store. As she walked out the door, the manager told deputy Zachary Cooley that the alarm sounded a second time.

Instead of stopping, the alleged suspect "continued to walk out of the store and got in a vehicle and sped off," the manager said.

As the woman left the parking lot, the store manager was able to get her license plate number and also was able to verify who she was to authorities, according to the report. At the time the report was filed, it was not known "exactly what was stolen ... because all of the items in her shopping bags matched the receipt after [the manager] checked the first time."

Storage unit break-in reported

A storage unit in Greenbrier was reportedly burglarized in the last month.

According to an incident report, a Conway woman who had items stored at the Reynolds Mini Storage on Green Valley Drive in Greenbrier learned on May 5 that her storage unit was burglarized.

The woman said she went to the unit to collect items that she had sold but "found the lock [was] cut and several of her belongings stolen."

The woman told deputy Zachary Cooley that she was last at the storage unit "at the beginning of April" and that everything was accounted for a the time," according to the incident report.

The Conway woman was unsure of who would have cut the lock of her storage unit and said she believed 11 items were missing, the report states.

Prior to calling police, the woman spoke with the owner of the facility to begin working toward obtaining video footage of the theft. Cooley told the woman to call the sheriff's office back if she learned anything else was missing, the report states.

Resident facing battery charge

A Conway man is facing a domestic battery charge following an incident that reportedly occurred last week.

According to an incident report, the Faulkner County Sheriff's Office was called to a residence in the Cadron Township around 8:45 a.m. May 7 after James Donald Slye yanked a set of keys away from a family member, cutting the woman's fingers in the process.

The alleged victim called police to the home after Slye became violent during an argument between the two.

According to the woman's statement, the argument ensured after Slye "had been out all night drinking."

The woman briefly left the home and when she returned, she told deputy Charles Vaughan that "she had [the] keys to Mr. Slye's vehicle around her finger in order to get him to talk to her."

The 40-year-old suspect reportedly began yelling at the alleged victim "and then jumped into her car and grabbed her purse and told her to give him his keys for the purse," according to an incident report. Slye proceeded to push the woman into the Cadron Township residence before he "grabbed the keys off of her finger, cutting her finger and hurting her arm."

The Conway man was ultimately charged with third-degree domestic battery, a Class A misdemeanor, following the incident, according to online records.