From Conway Police Department reports

Disturbance reported at IHOP

Authorities were called out to IHOP over the weekend regarding an incident between a Conway man and a North Little Rock bondsman.

According to an incident report, police were alerted around 10:50 a.m. Saturday of a "white male [who] was chasing a black male with a gun" at IHOP. Soon after the first alert, police also were notified that one of the individuals was a bail bondsman attempting to locate Antonio Reid II.

Before Conway officers made it to the scene, Reid had left the area and was believed to be on his way to his Third Street residence. Officer Jim Pfrenger soon located the minivan Reid was driving outside his home, the report states.

After informing Reid that he received a complaint regarding a possible disturbance involving a firearm, Pfrenger "patted Antonia down to make sure Antonio did not have any weapons due to the previous claim."

According to Reid's statement, the bondsman involved in the incident attacked him.

"Antonio advised me the bail bondsmen attacked him and [that he] has a restraining order against one of the bail bondsmen," the report states.

While on scene, authorities also asked for permission to search the minivan Reid was driving. After getting the OK, police searched the vehicle and found "a glass smoking pipe [that] was located in the glove box." According to the report, Reid claimed the contraband must belong to a woman he just dropped off.

Reid was not charged for the contraband and was ultimately handed over to the bondsmen, because they were revoking his bond, the report states.

Suspects use stolen cards after vehicle break-in

Two unnamed suspects broke into a vehicle parked outside of Planet Fitness on Saturday and immediately began using the couple's credit cards, according to an incident report.

Authorities were called to the fitness center at 150 E. Oak St. around 12:10 p.m. after an employee noticed the vehicle was damaged.

According to the report, the couple arrived at the fitness center at 10:52 a.m. in a gray 2017 Nissan Armada. Sometime between that time and 12:09 p.m., two women reportedly smashed the passenger side window and stole a purse.

Inside the purse was an Arkansas Federal Credit Union card, a USAA credit card, $120 in cash and a pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses valued at $400.

After learning their vehicle was burglarized, the couple noticed their credit cards had already been used at Walmart, Walgreens, Kroger and Target.

A loss prevention employee at Target was able to pull surveillance footage that showed the suspects grabbing items and paying for more than $400 items, according to the report.

One officer "described the individuals as two, black females that were driving a white SUV style vehicle" after reviewing the footage.

According to the report, the suspects stole $2,835.09 from the Conway couple before the two were able to cancel their cards.