UPDATE:  After the news broke that formal charges had been filed, the alleged victim began receiving a flux of messages regarding the allegations. Upon receiving several messages, Harris reached out to the Log Cabin in an effort to explain that she pursued charges against Canady in February.

"These charges have been pending since February, numerous police reports and evidence of videos, screenshots, and messages [were given to the prosecutor]," she said in a typed statement. "A special prosecutor was assigned to this case from out of town and these charges have been a long time coming based on the prosecutor's review and evidence. I have no further comment on this matter at this time."

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The man who filmed a former Faulkner County deputy shooting a small dog in the head is accused of harassing and stalking the woman who raised funds to help cover the pup's veterinarian bills.

Meagan Harris lives in the same neighborhood as Doug Canady, who is the man who captured the viral video of ex-deputy Keenan Wallace shooting Reese’s outside his Shiloh Creek Estates residence on Jan. 4. Harris is also the woman who started a GoFundMe account online to help raise funds to cover the costs of the small dog’s medical bills.

The account raised more than $21,000 through donations by more than 1,000 online users within about a month. The account has since been deactivated, and much of the money has been spent on the dog’s veterinarian bills, food and other supplies to better the small dog’s life.

According to a complaint filed in February, Canady began harassing Harris and her partner over how money raised from the GoFundMe was being spent.

“According to Ms. Harris, after she advised Mr. Canady he would not be receiving any more money for his personal use, he began harassing her and her lesbian partner ... calling them [expletive],” the incident report reads in part.

Canady reportedly went to the woman’s home “demanding money and a different dog named ‘Oreo’” on Feb. 1, the report states.

Following the incident, the woman told authorities she was fearful of Canady "and his erratic behavior."

The Faulkner County man has maintained his innocence regarding the harassment claims and said in numerous Facebook Live videos that he feels he has been wronged because he was not given access to the money raised via GoFundMe.

Online records show the 42-year-old Shiloh Creek Estates resident was formally charged at 1:10 p.m. Friday with two misdemeanors — harassment and third-degree stalking — following Harris's allegations.

Following the small dog's shooting, Wallace was fired from the sheriff's office and later charged with one misdemeanor count of animal cruelty. The former K-9 deputy has pleaded not guilty to the allegations against him and is scheduled to appear in Faulkner County Circuit Court at 1:30 p.m. July 8 for a pretrial hearing.