GUY — Dozens of families filled Guy City Park on Saturday as parents spent the morning fishing with their youngsters before the rainy weather made its way into the county.

Those who lined the sides of the pond at Guy City Park were eager to take part in the 10th annual Guy Fishing Derby.

While those who attended the event were asked to bring their own bait, organizers provided each participant with a fishing pole. Local children were able to take the poles home with them as a keepsake from the annual event.

Alderman Joey Glover said he is thankful for the city's sponsors who have helped make this event possible over the past decade.

"Every kid who comes out to this leaves with a fishing pole," he said as he took a break from helping a young participate bait his pole.

The city was able to purchase fishing poles for all who attended with help from Woods 2 Water Outfitters, formally known as Mac's Sporting Goods, in Greenbrier.

"They're wonderful," Glover said.

Jerry Dowdy has attended the event since its inception in 2010. He said he brought his now-11-year-old son to the family-friendly event when Landon was 1 year old.

On Saturday, Dowdy brought Landon for his last go-around at the fishing derby. Dowdy also daughter, Maddison, to take part. Maddison was accompanied by 3-year-old Adalynn Moore. The two young friends attend daycare together in Greenbrier.

The two sat side by side and contently watched the waters as they waited for a fish to bite around 10:30 a.m.

Maddison said she was excited about the day and that she liked her new, purple fishing pole.

Six-year-old twins Emma and Allie Wilson, wearing matching ball caps, selected identical poles prior to setting up for a morning of fishing alongside their family and other local residents.

Emma shouted out excitedly, "I caught a fish!" when asked what she most enjoyed about the event.

Natalie Rice, 6, caught her first ever fish during the annual Guy Fishing Derby on Saturday.

Her parents, Robert and Vanessa, said their young daughter sat patiently prior to hooking a catfish. Waiting and watching other children sitting around her catch some fish, Natalie was "quite excited" when she caught one of her own.

William Patrom and November Wise were recognized as the Top Catchers for children ages 3-5 years old.

Patrom was recognized for catching enough fish to weigh in at 9.68 pounds and Wise caught the heaviest fish in her age division, weighing in at 2.77 pounds.

Kayden Henderson caught the most and the heaviest fish of children ages 6-9 years old. Together, the fish he hooked weighed in at 20.3 pounds, with the heaviest weighing in at 4.07 pounds.

For children ages 10-12 years old, Ayden KuyKendall was recognized for catching the most fish. KuyKendall's fish weighed in at 12.53 pounds collectively.

Riley Pate was recognized not only for catching the heaviest fish for children ages 10-12 years old, but also for catching the heaviest fish overall. Pate's heaviest fish weighed in at 4.37 pounds.

The Arkansas Game and Fish Commission stocked the pond Friday so that there would be plenty of fish for all fishing derby participants. The pond is open for catch-and-release fishing year round.