Two Mayflower residents were arrested Wednesday morning after local authorities conducted a search warrant at a Paradise Circle home upon learning a 9-year-old girl who had been at the residence tested positive for methamphetamine.

Online records show Christopher Harold Langley, 51, and Monica Lynn Jefferies, 25, each face felony charges following the incident.

The investigation began after the Mayflower Police Department was notified by Arkansas Children's Hospital staff that a 9-year-old girl tested positive for methamphetamine after visiting her father's house.

According to a search warrant affidavit, Mayflower police learned the young girl tested positive for an "amphetamine or methamphetamine" upon receiving a report from ACH earlier this month.

The report alerted police that a toxicology screening was conducting on April 25 and after the results came in, hospital staff learned the girl tested "positive for methamphetamine."

This is a confirmed result, i.e. not a false positive or cross-reaction with a legal substance," the report states. "This result indicates exposure to the drug during approximately the preceding [three] months."

After meeting with Mayflower officer Doug Hunter in mid-May, the young girl reportedly admitted to seeing large plastic bags "containing green material in each" while at her father's home. The girl also told authorities she found a suspicious substance that "looked like salt or maybe rock salt" while at the Paradise Circle residence.

According to the affidavit requesting a circuit judge's OK to search the home, the young girl also said that when she got close to the tray with the suspicious salt on it, "her dad yelled at her and told her to get out of his bedroom."

Online records indicate that the search warrant was conducted Wednesday afternoon and that Langley and Jefferies were arrested subject to the search.

When police arrived at the Paradise Circle residence, Langley and Jefferies were located inside and without clothes on, authorities said.

Upon searching the home, authorities confiscated a total of 30.3 grams of marijuana (a little more than an ounce) located in three separate bags, as well as 130 grams (a little more than 4.5 ounces) that was located in three separate bags.

"One plastic bag contained approximately 100 grams and a second located in a pill bottle contained 25 grams of the same substance," the felony probable cause affidavit reads in part. "A third, small Ziploc baggie contained 5 grams. All three containers field tested positive for the presence of methamphetamine and were located in the same lockbox as $1734.00 dollars in cash."

Police also found several loaded and used syringes inside Langley's bedroom as well as in a bathroom at the home, the affidavit states.

"These rooms are where most of the contraband was located. The loaded syringes were [field] tested. Two of the syringes showed a positive result for methamphetamine while the third test was inconclusive," the affidavit reads in part.

According to the report, authorities also seized glass smoking pipes, plastic and silicone water pipes as well as "plates with a crystal like residue [that] were located in a ceiling panel above the bathtub."

Two loaded syringes were located in Jefferies' vehicle and a loaded firearm was found in Langley's bedroom, according to the affidavit.

The two Mayflower residents appeared in Faulkner County District Court via video arraignment for a first appearance hearing Friday morning.

Attorney Chris Murray, sitting in as a special judge on Friday, ordered Jefferies remain bars in lieu of a $75,000 bond and that Jefferies remain bars in lieu of a $7,500 bond.

Twentieth Judicial District deputy prosecutor Cody Arnold said both defendants are being charged in circuit court as lower habitual offenders, meaning the two have respectively been convicted with at least one but not more than four felony charges.

As of Friday afternoon, Langley and Jefferies had each posted bond. The two are scheduled to appear June 17 in Faulkner County Circuit Court for a plea and arraignment hearing regarding the aforementioned case.