From Conway Police Department reports

Man asks for ride, yells at customers, arrested

A Plumerville man was arrested on suspicion of public intoxication early Sunday morning.

According to an incident report, 43-year-old Ashley Jerome Criswell, flagged down officer Lois S. Spencer around 4:40 a.m. Sunday stating he was scared and needed a ride.

Criswell asked Spencer if she could take him to his "Auntie's house" before inquiring if she was "the real police."

The 43-year-old "could not make up his mind [about] what he wanted to do" and eventually ran back inside the Kum and Go gas station along Dave Ward Drive. After the man went back inside the gas station, Spencer went inside to check on the employees, the report states.

Other officers called to the scene noticed the man's speech was slurred and that it seemed Criswell was under the influence of a central nervous system (CNS) stimulant.

According to the report, Criswell was unable to give authorities a name or phone number of a family member who could come pick him up. Criswell was also unable to give police directions to his aunt's house and refused medical attention.

At one point, Conway officers it was unsafe to let the 43-year-old stay inside the store because he began yelling at another customer not to hurt him when the man walked inside the gas station. It was apparent that other customers were concerned for and scared of Criswell. Due to the apparent danger that Criswell imposed on himself, the 43-year-old was arrested on suspicion of public intoxication and taken to the county jail.

Woman's phone stolen while at Walmart

A Greenbrier woman called police Monday afternoon after realizing her phone was stolen while she was at Walmart.

According to an incident report, the 20-year-old complainant called the Conway Police Department around 2 p.m. Monday after noticing her phone was missing.

The Greenbrier woman told authorities she believes her phone was taken while either she was changing her young daughter's diaper or from her child's car seat while her cart was next to a self-check-out lane. The incident occurred at the Walmart on Skyline Drive.

After noticing her phone was missing, she was able to track her phone using her sister's phone. The rose-gold iPhone, valued at $750, showed to be in the parking lot. However, the woman said she and her family were unable to locate the device, the report states.

Officer Carson Howard gave the woman the report number associated with the theft case and also spoke with the store's loss prevention officer. According to the report, the LPO was unable to aide the police department in the investigation.

Conway man faces DWI charge

A Conway man was arrested Monday evening on suspicion of a DWI, according to an incident report.

The report states officers were called around 6:30 p.m. Monday regarding a "possibly intoxicated driver" who was leaving 10Box Cost-Plus.

Officer Kelton Smith pulled over the suspect vehicle, a white 1999 Ford Ranger, after noticing the vehicle was driving in two lanes, according to the report.

As he spoke with the driver, 57-year-old Russell Wayne Mitchell, the officer could tell the man's breath smelled strongly of mouth wash. Mitchell's speech was also slurred, the report states.

The Conway man was asked to perform field sobriety tests on scene. After he showed signs of impairment, he was arrested on scene on suspicion of a DWI. According to the report, Mitchell initially denied taking a breath test and said "it would be a fight to draw his blood." However, he eventually opted to take a Breathalyzer test, which showed he had a blood alcohol concentration of 0.10.

Mitchell was ultimately charged with a DWI and careless and prohibited driving following the incident, the report states.